Islands Miracle Review

People seem like they suffer from too many problems such as joint pain, vitamin deficiencies, aches and inflammation, and worse of all, obesity. It seems like there are very less natural based products that combat these issues, and ones that do, end up with hidden side effects. You want to be putting in organic and safe elements into your body, to keep yourself living longer and healthier.

The Islands Miracle Brand

Islands Miracle has managed to make its way to one of the popular brands. Although it is fairly new, it has grown exponentially over the years. The company was founded in 2009 by Mike York who had a vision regarding natural ingredient based products that he wanted his consumers to have. He wanted people to experience organic supplements in different forms, provide them with beneficial products that did not bring on any sort of side effects. The company deals with natural foods and weight loss supplements to many happy customers, and they have a few business strategies that have helped them achieve success. The brand in itself is not exactly cheap, but they claim to justify the price tag with the premium quality of their products.

One of the things that is extremely likeable about the brand is that when customers often buy products, they are given the choice to become “Customer For Life”. This means that they are treated with love and respect by the customer care, which is always eager to help in every way possible. There is an entire support team that gives all its customers their undivided attention. All of their products claim to go through a very standardized process to check for top quality control in order to ensure that the product they deliver to you is safe, healthy and effective.

The company deals with many products, all ranging from different ailments to supplements which are all available on their website as well as Amazon, who is their sole dealer. The products include essential oils, hair, skin and nail supplements, joint support, oil diffusers for those amazing smelling oils, detox capsules and other products, weight loss supplements and digestive and gut health related products. They have effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements that help to regulate the system. Lets discuss some of the products they offer.

They offer all Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules which are 100% made of real apple cider vinegar. As you can tell, it contains all of the goodness of the vinegar such as helping with weight loss, better sugar metabolism, higher immunity and detoxification. It helps by burning fat and regulates blood sugar in order to stabilize metabolism, and works extremely fast in pill form. It helps in flushing out toxins, in detoxing the colon and cleansing the liver while also maintaining the body’s PH balance. It helps to improve digestion, aids with heart burn, acid reflux, gas and any other digestive related problems. It also increases HCI production which aids nutrient assimilation. They can be used for weight loss as well, as they decrease bloating and minimize cholesterol. These only sell for 17.86 which may seem like a high price, but for what you’re getting, it seems reasonable.

Islands miracle also has a line of essential oils, which indeed help with many problems such as anxiety and depression. These amazing smelling oils can also aid in clearing the skin and many other problems. You can purchase Frankincense oil, Peppermint oil, Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lemon oil, Orange oil, Tea Tree oil, Patchouli oil, Rosemary oil and Silver Fir oil. They come ready in a box for you to get started but you can also purchase these separately. Island’s Miracle also sells an oil diffuser along with the oils so that you can get the full extent of your aromatherapy and enjoy the oils! They can also be used in Vaporizers, Oil Burners, Perfume, Spa and Home Care Aromatherapy. These oils are all labs tested and are 100% pure. Scientists are Islands miracle performs rigorous testing on the oils to ensure that they are safe to use. Some of the tests they perform are including Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, FTIR Scan (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), Microbial Testing, and Organoleptic Testing. Their site also offers gift bundles and packages that you can get a discount on! The entire bundle costs $35.95. For ten pure oils, that’s pretty cheap!

Another one of their raved products is the Island’s Miracle Omega 3 Fish Oil 2,600Mg Maximum Strength Pills With Lemon Oil. Fish oil is as beneficial as it helps with immunity and providing omega-3 which aids in the production of collagen, making hair and skin so much shinier and healthier. Unlike any other Alaskan, cod liver or salmon oil vitamin supplements, they won’t leave you smelling like a fish market. Be sure to open your mouth and not exhale the stench of a cod. The vitamins are odorless and burp free, so you can be sure to not taste fish after hours of taking the pill. The pills come in perfect sizes that will go down your throat without resistance. There is no enteric coating as the supplements are made of a soft gel like substance that just melts while going down your throat. They are thickly wrapped so the triglyceride fatty acids can make it past the stomach acid to prevent stinky breath. These pills go through a distillation process which ensures that the pill gets absorbed by the stomach as quickly as it can. It also removes heavy metals or toxins from the body! These supplements are made from Alaskan nature grown, wild fish with 3000mg of total 369 vitamins to support eye, joints, brain function, and more. The supplements sell for $26.95, which is great for all that it offers.

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Overall when going though Islands Miracle’s products, you can already tell that they only sell the best of the best. The prices may look high but really, can you put a price on life? They seem to manufacture the best, organic products that can help with any ailment. So go on Amazon and get yourself one right away.

Islands Miracle Review
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