How To Burn Calories

You’re trying to get your skin looking amazing, doing whatever is required from a daily skin care regimen. Heck, you’re even starting to put in some effort to get in shape overall. However, if you want to learn how to best lose fat, you need to know how to burn calories. Good news is that I’m on some sort of a health kick which has me laser focused on health and wellness today. I’m going to tell you how you can burn calories and why you need to do so if you want to get in better shape.

how to burn calories

How To Burn Calories To Get Lean & Healthy Looking

Look, it’s not rocket science. If you want to lose fat, then you need to burn more calories than you’re consuming. It is literally that simple. Let me break things down for you. If you consume the same number of calories that you do as you burn your bodyweight will not fluctuate. It will remain stagnant. If you eat or consume more calories than your body uses in a day and you’re actively exercising, then you are likely to add muscle and possibly some fat as well.

If your goal is to burn as many calories as possible (up to 4,000 even) on a daily basis then you need to know how to do so. I’ve got a number of things that you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine to help achieve that goal.

Mix Up The Cardio

If you’re doing the same type of cardio every single day, then you’re doing it wrong. Try mixing up your cardio for better results. For example, if you’re typical cardio activity consists of just a nice run, then switch things up a bit. Add in some bike work or even a nice swim. You can also opt for some burpees or something that get your heart rate up.

I suggest incorporating bodyweight exercises to help boost your calorie burning. I never use the same treadmill twice in a row, that’s what works for me and it may work for you as well.

Rest Once Per Week

Your body needs to recoup and rest if you want to grow but taking off more than one day per week isn’t going to help your body one bit. You need to train to keep your metabolism high. The faster your metabolism, the more you can burn and the more fit you’ll be. Don’t sleep on this tip, pun intended.

Drink Lots of Water

If you want to burn more calories than you want to drink more. No, I’m not talking about booze, just plain old water. Consuming more water and black coffee might help you increase your metabolism and it will likely assist with keeping your stomach full. I’ve been slamming down about a half dozen or more waters bottles a day for the last six months and I feel great. Do the same and you’ll be happy with the results.

Avoid Eating Late

Let’s assume you’re a night owl and you like to eat really late at night before bed. All those calories that you’ve just consumed all get stored in your body as fat. When you sleep, you end up burning fewer calories than if you were awake. So, consuming lots of calories before bed when you don’t need them is just horrible for your metabolism and body. My suggestion is to eat more calories earlier in the day and only resort to low-calorie snacks in the evening.

Do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you’re not working in basic HIIT into your weekly routine then I promise that you’re doing an injustice to your body. This type of training is when you put forth a lot of energy in a short amount of time aka burst so to speak. For example, you would take a period of 15 minutes and within those fifteen minutes, you would sprint as fast as you can for 10 seconds. At which point, you’d then rest for 50 seconds and go hard for another 10 seconds. These intervals really help if you’re short on time but you want to get a great workout in. These intense exercises can literally kickstart your metabolism faster than anything I’ve ever done.

Workout Harder

Ever hit the gym and feel like you’ve basically done nothing? If so, then you’re not working out hard enough. If training intervals aren’t up your alley, then you need to simply boost the training that you’re already doing. Work harder than you are. Add in some heavier weights. Increase the number of sets that you’re doing, reduce the rest time, add more exercises. Whatever you do, just do something!

Hire A Trainer

If you’re having trouble doing any of these things, then you might want to think about hiring a trainer. Ask one of the local professionals in your gym for advice. I’m sure they’ll be happy to give you some suggestions or even take you on as a client.

Burning Calories With Diet Pills

Some people have asked me if taking a diet pill or supplement is that way to go. Quite frankly, that’s not the main answer. Sure, it might help give you an edge, but it’s not a substitute for hard work and dedication. Abs and lean bodies are made in the gym and kitchen. Burn those calories to build the best physique that you can build.

Speak With A Doctor

Look I hate to sound like a downer but if you’re serious about burning more calories and getting in shape, then I want you to consult your doctor before doing anything I’ve recommended. The reason I’m suggesting this is purely for legal reasons as I can’t have you passing out on a treadmill at the gym and blaming it on this advice. Go get checked out and make sure you’re healthy enough to exercise at a vigorous pace before attempting to take any action.

Assuming you’re good to go, then go for it! Your body and skin will soon be thanking you for sure!

How To Burn Calories
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