How to Boost Energy and Lose Weight

Cutting back calories to try and lose weight often has negative effects on our energy levels and this, in turn, makes it more difficult to exercise. When we limit the amount of calories we eat we are cutting the body’s supply of energy. If you are trying to lose weight, cutting back on foods can be counter productive, unless you find the right balance of healthy foods. It is more important to eat the right types of food than to limit the wrong types of food. Eating the right food will help you lose weight while not sacrificing your energy levels.


Caffeine is a drug that boosts our energy level, at high levels it can cause insomnia or even addiction. However, in small doses it can really help us achieve our goals. Many people consume beverages high in caffeine because it helps them “wake up” but most of these are completely unsuitable for losing weight. This is because they are sugary drinks. Taking a pill that contains caffeine can really help with your energy level and get you over the edge with your workouts. This will cause you to lose more weight – faster. However make sure you stay as far away from Soda Pop as you can.

Supplements can help you shed weight.

Eat Fiber

The typical American diet is loaded with simple and refined carbohydrates. These carbs, with the lack of fiber, are metabolized quickly which will cause a steep crash of energy. If your foods are quickly metabolized, you’ll often find yourself feeling hungry quicker. Fiber will help you feel fuller longer, and you should be eating at least 20 grams of fiber from whole gains, fuits and veggies. Feeling fuller longer is a huge help when you are trying to lose weight.

Getting more Calcium and Vitamin D

Aim for getting three serving of foods rich in calcium and vitamin D every day. These two are typically found together in dairy foods and contribute to strengthening your bones. Studies have shown that students who came close to or met this daily requirement not only weighted less and gain less fat but in some cases, they also lost belly fat. If you are in a climate that has a dark and gloomy winter season you may also want to consider taking vitamin D supplements.

Fill Your Diet with Good Fats

There are good fats and bad fats. The good kinds include monosaturated fatty acids and omega3 fatty acids. These two are primarily found in fish oil, nuts, oils, and avocados, which we usually consume while eating guacamole. It is recommended that you eat three to four servings a day. Not only are these fats good for your heart, but they also help you feel full longer. Less hunger means less munching on snacks throughout the day.

Eat Plenty of Proteins

Not all protein is equal. We want to aim for three to four serving of lean protein a day. Examples of lean protein are fish, chicken, turkey, pork loin chops. Protein is yet another element that will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time, essential to weight loss. Make sure your protein intake also includes proteins from vegetables. Protein is also the food for muscles, with out them your muscles can’t become stronger. You definitely want to help your muscles stay healthy and strong!

Don’t Forget to hydrate

Water, water and more water. Water should be the primary source of your daily hydration. Substitute soda, juices and other sugary drink and watch the pounds melt away. According to research, drinking adequate amounts of water can increase the total amount of calories burned. Substituting your sugary drinks with water leads to even more weight loss. Soda contains unbelievable amounts of sugar and empty calories. Rather than drinking a 200 calories beverage, consider eating a 200 calorie healthy snack. You’ll be much more satisfied and feel fuller. If you don’t like the taste of water or find it too plain consider adding fresh fruit as flavoring or brewing a cup of tea a few time during the day.

Use a Weight Loss Supplement in Addition to Eating Healthy/Exercise

Weight loss pill or supplements have been growing in popularity significantly over the last few years. I’m not here to tell you to just pop a few pills and the fat will just fall off. However I think they have a purpose, many of them have pretty good ingredients for increasing your energy and appetite suppression. Both of these can help you lose weight when added to your healthy diet and light to moderate exercise.

Word of caution though, make sure you pick a premium one. Don’t scimp and buy a crappy product because it might hurt you. Read a review on phenq, it’s currently one I use to give me that edge. Perhaps you’d like it too.


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How to Boost Energy and Lose Weight
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