Banned Pre-Workout Supplements

Sure, this is a Skin Care site, but working out is important if you want to maintain great skin. I’ve been known to use pre-workout supplements in the past. Of course, they’ve all been legal but guess what, some of them have actually been banned! Sure, I used them prior to becoming banned but I stull used them. If you’ve used any of these banned pre workout supplements that I’m about to share with you, then I want you to promise me that you won’t use them any longer. No, I’m not trying to act like your mom or doctor here. I am just trying to help you make the smartest decision possible when it comes to using supplements.

I also want to make it clear that these supplements should never be used by the average joe with a typical body hitting a Planet Fitness or any other social gym. These supplements are for gym attendees that eat, sleep, and breathe working out. If you’re working out multiple times a day, then these supplements might be something that you need for that extra edge. If you’ve got heart problems, then you need to stay the heck away from these! I’m certainly not going to be the guy that hands out a recommendation to turn into an animal in the gym by taking these.

It could put too much strain on your body and I’m not looking for any lawsuits due to some silly recommendations. That said, any of the pre workouts that I’m about to share with you should be used at your won risk. I’ll kick things off right away by jumping right into the supplements, but before I do, I need you to understand that these are not like Shredz. They don’t get you ripped. Instead, they’ll give you that energy but without the fat burner effects and you’ll likely have fuller muscles using them. Anyway, I’ll kick things off for you right now…

banned pre-workout supplements

Popular Pre-Workout Supplements That Have Been Banned

I’ll start with what once was my absolute favorite supplement. I’m sure you’ve seen this at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and just about anywhere.

I’ll start with the most infamous of all products in this category, the Jack3d product by USPlabs. This product has been banned or at least the original formula due to one crazy ingredient is known as 1,3 dimethylamylamine or DMAA. Some of you may be familiar with MDMA and I’m telling you that these are completely different types of products. DMAA has been banned by most professional sports sanctions as well as the military and government overall. Why has it been banned? Honestly, because it’s super powerful and will make you want to deadlift the small car in the gym parking lot. It’s a bit too strong.


craze pre-workout

Another product that once packed a deadly pharmaceutical dosage of powerful ingredients is a pre-workout called Craze. They’ve got version 2.0 still available but the original formula was absolute¬†“fire.”. The product had been tested and actually contains 31 milligrams of N, alpha- DEPEA. If you’re not sure what this is, it’s a pharmaceutical dosage of basically legal meth. To make matters worse, the creator of this product, Matt Cahill, owns Driven Sports (the parent brand of Craze) and they determined that he was previously convicted of using shady supplements. If you want to learn more about Matt Cahill, then read this article here. Whatever you do, don’t take anything that this guy has made, it might kill you.


This supplement just might be next on the banned list given its insane formula. It’s what most would consider being the best tasting supplement on the market and it’s definitely going to give you a killer pump. C4 Extreme by Cellucor contains Beta Alanine, which is what makes your skin tingle and your veins want to explode out of your skin.

I’ve got another supplement that I want to share with you called Pre Jym. This hasn’t been banned yet, but it’s quite possible that it’s on the way out. If you’re a fan of caffeine, then this product just might tickle your fancy. Honestly, it’s got more caffeine in a tub of this than all the coffee produced in South America. You’ll find that the product contains a number of ingredients that contain weird names beginning with L- and Alpha etc. These types of ingredients typically scare the heck out of the FDA and are one of the many reasons why they’re bound to come crashing down at some point in time.

Check these pre-workout supplements out if you dare! Remember, those that are not banned (yet) are not for the average joe or jane. Do not take too many scoops or you’ll be sorry. If you’re worried about the side effects, then I suggest you avoid taking these kinds of products completely. Stick with a basic cup of coffee for best results combined with a healthy diet and you’ll be fine.

Banned Pre-Workout Supplements
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