Acai Berry Benefits

If you ever sign on to the Internet and read health websites, you’ve certainly heard the benefits of the acai berry.  But what is the story behind this magical super food?

The acai berry craze swept the nation (and the world) about seven or eight years ago and after a little while everyone seemed to have forgotten about this powerful antioxidant rich berry. And that’s a shame because it provides so many fantastic health benefits to those that take it in supplement form.

The Acai Berry
Found in the Amazon, the acai berry has many health and skin benefits.

As you are probably aware, there are many healthy berries that would make an excellent addition to any diet. The acai berry happens to be a berry that is considered one of the healthiest on the planet today.

For the most part, you’ll find this indigenous berry within the Amazon rain forest. It’s a fruit that is rich with antioxidants and for centuries is known as an immune boosting, energy giving, healing fruit. According to research, it has the ability to fight against problems caused by oxidative damage, plus it offers many other wonderful health benefits as well.

12 Health Benefits Provided by Acai Berries

  • Acai Berry is the key to a healthy heart – we’ve all heard that red wine is excellent as far as heart health is concerned. Many people often overlook the fact that the acai berry is also very good for the heart. It contains anthocyanins, which are a form of plant antioxidants that typically help lower blood stream cholesterol levels. Another important point to note is that the acai berry has a rich amount of plant sterols. The sterols help to provide benefits of a cardio protective nature to our cells. And plant sterols help to improve circulation, relax blood vessels and prevent blood clots.
  • They resist harmful organisms – a study that has taken place in Rio de Janeiro at Federal University shows us that consuming the extract of the acai berry helps to fight against harmful organisms.
  • They are a phenomenal weight loss aid – many people struggle to lose weight and permanently keep it off. What most people fail to realize is that the acai berry is also a super food. And as a super food, it helps to not only let certain individuals lose weight, but they can also keep this weight off permanently and maintain healthy weight loss. Studies also show us that the unhealthy effects of a high-fat diet can be mitigated by acai berry consumption.
  • Helps to promote healthy skin – many of the beauty products that we use today already contain ample amounts of acai oil, and this is important because the oil is filled with antioxidants. This oil is also excellent as a natural way to replace chemical-based skincare products that are harmful to your skin over the long run. Your skin will experience a healthy glow when acai berries are taken intermittently. As a matter of fact, Brazilians have spent many centuries eating acai berries to treat their unwanted skin conditions.
  • Aids in digestion – the next health benefit is one that allows your digestive system to function optimally. Why are these berries so wonderful? As far as digestion aid is concerned, they are great because they contain the ability to detoxify the human body. And they are a fantastic source of dietary fiber. There are many other foods – as well as many other berries – that contain high amounts of fiber, and should be added to your diet accordingly to help with digestion.
  • Irritation reduction – acai berries are very popular because they help to reduce the amount of irritation that people experience associated with respiratory distress. Take acai berries in any form to help with this condition.
  • Boosting the immune system – acai berries are very high in ellagic acid and vitamin C. As we all know, vitamin C is a vital ingredient that helps boost the immune system and suppress forms of illness, including cancer. We talk about that in depth on this page.  One study tells us that the polyphenolic compounds in an acai berry extract are capable of reducing cancer cell growth by 56% – 86%.
  • Cellular health improvements – there is a substance in the acai berry known as anthocyanins. This substance is great because it helps to play a big role in our cellular production system. It helps to keep the body free of damage caused by free radicals, and it keeps cells healthy and strong.
  • Energy boosting capabilities – to live a long and prosperous life, we have to have ample amounts of energy to help get us through the day. The overall health benefits available in the acai berry are fantastic because they lead to an immense amount of additional energy and stamina. We can use this additional energy and stamina to fight against fatigue and exhaustion. If you ever find yourself lacking energy for any reason, and feel the need for an additional boost, just eat a handful of acai berries and you will start to feel better in no time at all.
  • Mental function improvements – according to preliminary research, menopausal women will experience benefits from this berry because it can help prevent mental imbalances.
  • Better sex – since this berry is linked with increased blood circulation, you can see how it will contribute to helping men boost their sex drive. And as we have talked about already, this berry helps to give excess energy, so it will also increase longevity and stamina.
  • Anti aging abilities – finally, the acai berry is wonderful because it can contribute to slowly reversing oxidative damage due to aging. Nobody wants to get older, but it is certainly a fact of life. The phytochemicals – i.e. antioxidants – within the acai berry can slow down the aging process tremendously. Not only that, but oxidative damage is going to become a thing of the past once you begin regularly using acai berries to fight off the damage that this issue causes.

As you can clearly see, there are many wonderful reasons why everybody needs to begin taking acai berries on a regular basis. The health benefits are tremendous, and they can provide assistance in many areas as far as improving your health is concerned. Feel free to give them a try at your earliest convenience to see how well they will work for you.

Acai Berry Benefits
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