10 Not So Scary Halloween Makeup Removal Tips


Today is the big day to remove all that Halloween makeup. Here are the simple steps that I recommend to get rid of that zombie makeover:

1) Use a wet wash cloth that is soaked in warm water. Gently move it around your face. You can dab it in a circular motion.

2) If you don’t want to use water to remove your Halloween makeup, just apply a moisturizer and use a tissue to wipe it off.

3) A nice substitute for face washing is cleaning cloths. Make sure to keep some of these handy and next to your bed. Just run it over your face and turn off the lights.

halloween makeup
Halloween makeup removal does not have to be scary

4) Coconut oil helps remove makeup. And it works without much scrubbing or pulling at your face. Plus it is a great moisturizer. It has so many benefits.

5) Try baby wipes as an ultra hydrating alternative to conventional makeup removal. Because they are gentle enough for a baby they will work for you.

6) Steaming hot water can be a great Halloween makeup remover. Just soak a washcloth in hot water and let it cool off for a couple second. Then place it on your face. The makeup will just melt away.

7) Baby oil is a gentle makeup remover. Try it and see how much money you will save because it is dirt cheap.

8) Milk mixed with some sweet almond oil can make a makeup removing mixture that is inexpensive and naturally cleansing. Almond oil is one of our favorite skin care ingredients.

9) Blend cucumbers in to a fine paste and add some olive oil. This creates a soothing mixture that will also combat inflammation on acne prone skin.

10) A baking soda and honey paste creates an epic exfoliator. Very refreshing and smells good too. Rub it on your face and watch the makeup and impurities just disappear.

10 Not So Scary Halloween Makeup Removal Tips
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