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Have you ever heard of Hada Labo? Well, all you have to do is Google the name a ton of results will populate. For those interested in learning about the brand, it’s a Japanese skin brand and it might be one of the most popular skin care brands in the entire country. The Hado Labo brand is owned by a large corporate called Rohto Pharmaceutical. Unlike many well-established brands in the world today, this one has only been around for about ten years. Many of the most popular brands of today have literally been around for decades. That just goes to show you how powerful and popular the Hada Labo brand really is.

If you’re somewhat new to Japanese skin products, then there’s a good chance that you’ll have plenty of questions related to the brand itself. You’ll want to know how it works and what it can ultimately do for your skin.

If you’re thinking of simply reading a few reviews and making a decision to use the product, then think again. Many reviews may lead you in the wrong direction or not paint the full picture of the product in general. You must remember that just because a product doesn’t work for someone else doesn’t mean that they will not work for you. The best advice that I can give you is to take in as much information as possible related to the product in general as well as each of the specific ingredients within each product.

Hada Labo Hydrator BottleWhat Makes Hada Labo Products So Great?

There’s one simple ingredient that makes the Hada Labo products so wonderful. It’s an ingredient that we’re all familiar with based on the industry trends of today. I’m talking about hyaluronic acid. This powerful ingredient does wonders for your skin and it’s all because of its ability to help maintain moisture.

They push the envelope here as far as the ingredient is concerned and even create their own hyaluronic acid compound formulas. They do this through combining molecules. While results may be inconclusive, it’s a known fact that this ingredient, in general, is pretty wonderful for your skin.

The whole focus of upping the hydrating properties of your skin can do amazing things. I know for a fact that it can help fight aging, skin damage and more.

Buying Hado Labo Products

Are you against taking a trip to Japan? Just kidding, you don’t have to go all the way to Japan to pick up these products. However, if you do go there, might I suggest taking a tour of the facility. I guess it’s a perfect excuse to go to Japan but you simply do not need to do that just to get your hands on these products. I

Instead, all you need to do is check out many of the online retailers carrying the products. There are both online retailers and physical storefronts that carry this line throughout the United States. If you prefer to buy skin products online, then do so through the company site or through what I consider to be a “mega-retailer,” such as Target and Amazon. If you’re the type that likes to hit the local brick and mortar store, then do yourself a solid and head on down to ULTA or even CVS. Chances are you’ll find Hada Labo products on the shelves.

Popular Products and Ingredients

It only makes sense for me to cover a few products and ingredients here. You already know that the main ingredient of the Hada Labo products is hyaluronic acid. This is said to be relatively safe and is used by many brands out there. The company, of course, incorporates a number of other ingredients that help make their products even more effective. Let’s examine the products and take a closer look at the ingredients used within a few of them.

Replenishing Hydrator – This product incorporates the use of a proprietary blend of hyaluronic acid which they like to refer to as Super Hyaluronic Acid. It’s actually a blend of three different types of acid. Some of the other acid ingredients that are included in the blend are citric acid, hydroxyethylcellulose, and dipropylene glycol. They all serve different purposes which are to balance the pH levels, heal skin through antioxidant use, better penetrate the skin and much more. This might be a good choice for someone that’s struggling with dehydrated skin issues.

Age-Correcting Eye Cream – This product incorporates the hyaluronic acid as well as others such as glycerin, caffeine, capric triglyceride, and butylene glycol. Again, all of these ingredients are incorporated to do specific things. The caffeine helps to reduce blood vessel size and shrink eye bags. The glycerin and capric triglyceride help to better moisturize your skin and the butylene glycol helps the product better penetrate your skin.

Facial Cleanser – The company also has a facial cleanser that contains lauric acid, disodium EDTA, and sodium cocoyl glycinate. They also incorporate the use of hyaluronic acid through a special formula.

Cost of Hada Labo

If you’re interested in purchasing the products then you obviously need to know how it’s going to affect your wallet. These products are pretty much affordable in terms of skin care industry pricing. However, if you’ve got a smaller budget, then you might be in a tough spot. The eye cream typically sells for $22 and the Hydrator sells for $18. If you’re super strapped for cash then you might want to think about trying the face cleanser for a low $12.

Third-Party Reviews

The majority of the third-party reviews are pretty much positive. However, there are consumers out there that don’t have nice things to say about this brand. Most of the reviews vary widely so it’s important that you read a significant number of them. Take them into consideration, but when specific details aren’t provided, you can’t base things off just that.


The Hada Labo Skin Care line might be perfect for you and if it is, then that’s wonderful! However, it’s not perfect for everyone and you’ll most likely need to test out the product to see just how good it really is. Put some effort into finding a product that works for you and although that sounds difficult, it simply requires trial and dedication.

Hada Labo
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