Guess What, Acne Is Not As Random As You Think


How else do I say it besides coming out and being as blunt as possible? Acne, zits, pimples, cysts and all that stuff is not random. You probably are scratching your head thinking otherwise, but I’m telling you the truth. There is literally nothing random about acne development and unfortunately, many people don’t realize that.

It’s very easy for most people to blame the production of acne on things like hormones and genetics. Many people do nothing to circumvent the development of these pesky pimples.

Sure, at times there is nothing that you can do about the development of pimples. However, for the most part, there’s plenty that you can do to prevent these breakouts and they’re not popping up due to random selection.

There is a rhyme and reason behind pimple development. The thing that you do on a daily basis impact your skin. If you take action to make adjustments, then maybe your skin will improve for the better.

Bad habits are for losers. Sorry, but that’s my take on things. If you can avoid the habits, then you’ll live a healthier life, trust me.

Acne Bad Habits

Things That Prevent Random Acne From Development

Like I said, taking a look at the big picture gives you the chance to see why pimples pop up on your face. There are many reasons why they will show up and knowing why is half the battle. The other half is breaking the bad habits associated with all this.

Eating A Bad Diet

Bad dieting habits will destroy your skin. While genetics certainly play a prominent role in this department, when it comes to keeping your skin nice looking, what you eat matters, a lot. The first thing that you want to remember to do is cut back on just about everything you’re consuming that contains lots of sugar.

You should also plan on cutting out all the refined and processed foods that you’ve been eating. That stuff will legit clog your pores faster than you can even imagine. The next thing you’ll want to do is cut back on the amount of alcohol and caffeine that you consume. Assuming that you want to look and feel like a model, then you’ve got to stop the alcohol consumption entirely and limit coffee intake.

I also suggest cutting back on dairy product consumption and instead of picking up that glass of milk, enjoy a tall glass of ice water instead. It’ll better hydrate your skin.

Not Washing Your Face Frequently

If you’re the type to skip out on face washing on a daily basis, then you’re doing no good for your skin. Let’s assume that you workout hard and you sweat daily. All that sweat and buildup get released and those toxins simply reside on your skin until you wash them off.

All those impurities are just bad for your skin. They cause breakouts and are directly related to the oil production, clogging of pores, and the buildup that frequently happens.

Touching Your Face

touching your face

One of the worst habits that people have is touching their face with their hands. Seriously, your hands are absolutely disgusting and if you’re touching your face with gross hands, then all that transfers to your skin. Assuming that you’ve washed your hands thoroughly, then you can touch your face. Aside from that, don’t even attempt to do so.

Half-A** Skin Care Regimen

If one of your bad habits is not putting in the effort to work through a skin care regimen, then that’s most likely why you have acne. Putting in 50% or less than 50% of your fullest potential and effort is tough on your skin. The least that you need to plan on doing is washing your face twice per day. You’ve also got to exfoliate a couple of times weekly. There are plenty of things that you can do to improve your skin condition. Break the lazy habit of slacking off when it comes to skin care and you’ll have an acne-free complexion.

Not Sleeping Enough

If you’re not sleeping enough, then this bad habit is eventually going to kill you. I’m dead serious when I say that. Sleep is detrimental to your life, health, skin, and more. If you’re not getting the appropriate amount of sleep then your body will not be able to function as it should. When you sleep, your skin has a chance to repair itself in a way and limiting the amount of sleep you get limits the repair time.

The bottom line is that acne develops for a reason and bad habits are directly related to each of these habits. Yes, they’re easily developed. If you can break these habits, then you’ll be better off. My suggestion would be to start by focusing on one habit at a time to break. Once you’ve succeeded, move on to working on the next one.

Guess What, Acne Is Not As Random As You Think
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