Grooming Treatments Every Guy Should Try At Least Once


Okay, I totally get that you probably don’t want to try and grooming treatments. You are a guy that likes to practice simplicity and living like an old-school manly man. You don’t want to take the modern man route.

However, some of these treatments I’m about to share with you can be a game changer for your skin and overall health. Check the stubborn guy attitude at the door and just keep reading to find out what they are. Who knows, they may improve your life and skin for good.

Grooming treatments for men

Grooming Treatments Guys Need To Know About

Sure, you are accustomed to just using a straight edge razor for 30 seconds, slapping on some overbearing pungent cologne and hitting the streets. Heck, maybe you even use a little bit of beer soap to get yourself smelling nice and hoppy. Well, we are far too advanced today for you to be playing that card. Here are a few treatments that seem to be growing in popularity for guys all around.

Face Cleansing Brushes

Sure, the only electronic gadget you are accustomed to buying is PS4 and any iPhone. You are not thinking grooming treatments when it comes to electronics. Well, other than an electric razor (if you’re that hi-tech). I get it, but don’t discount the fancy face cleansing brush. These brushes have a unique and powerful way of exfoliating your skin better than anything else on the market.

If you have facial hair, don’t completely count this out. There are brushes specifically made for men with facial hair. Using one might even make your hair softer and less irritating. The brush can be used anytime and if you’re a guy that has sensitive skin, it’s better than any face scrub you’ll ever come across. Remington makes one for less than $100.00, I recommend checking it out. Just do a search for the RemingtonĀ Remington FC2000 Recharge Facial Cleansing Brush and you’ll find it in a jiffy.

Face Masks and Peels

I know the face peel mask sounds way out of your league but I’m telling you it’s a winner. A lot of men are incorporating face peels into their skin care routines or treatments. Basically, these peels are jam packed with enzymes and acids that are lifesavers and magic for your skin. Blemishes disappear, results begin to show up immediately and major differences appear in just a few short days. The good news, it’s not something you need to do daily and the impact lasts for months if consistent enough.

A Men Pen

Okay, this one is a bit off the charts and even too much for me but lots of guys swear by it, so it’s worth mentioning. The Men Pen is blemish concealer made for guys. If you’ve got some important meeting and there’s a huge red blemish that’s sure to distract the entire boardroom then you need this. Do you want to close the deal or have people focused on Mr. Pimples? The choice is yours, my friend. It’s called the Men Pen for a reason, it’s not testing your masculinity one bit. Go for it if you dare to do so.


This one is a grooming classic. On the contrary to what most men think of when they hear the word pedicure, the man pedicure isn’t as girly as it sounds. In fact, it’s good hygiene to get these and much more appealing to society if you’re a flip-flop wearing guy. You don’t need to get pink polish or nice fruity fragrances and aromas in the room. You lose no masculinity in getting on of these treatments. In fact, it’s pretty common these days.

If you’re a guy and you haven’t tried any of these treatments yet then I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone in the name of better skin, health and wellness. It’s worth giving each a shot.

Grooming Treatments Every Guy Should Try At Least Once
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