Green Tea For Skin

I can almost guarantee the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of green tea is Starbucks. Surely it’s not as simple as incorporating green tea for skin that they’re thinking about, or is it? Have you ever sat down to try and think about what your ultimate skin care ingredients pack would consist of? If so, has this ingredient ever come to mind? If so, you’re not the only one. Green tea is actually really good for the skin and it’s become insanely popular in the United States.

There are more products popping up in stores that contain this ingredient that it’s hard to walk into a beauty store and not run into it. This is used in creams, lotions, masks, and other products all because of the healing powers that it possesses. Jam packed with antioxidants it’s perfect for those looking to up kick acne, inflammation and many other conditions to the curb.

green tea for skin
Raw green tea plants.

Who Should Purchase Green Tea For Skin Care Use?

That’s a pretty simple question to answer. Anyone that has been battling rosacea, very fine lines, wrinkles, light acne or breakouts may want to think about incorporating a product into their routine that contains this ingredient. Skin care products that contain green tea have been known to help improve the previously mentioned skin conditions.


If you are looking for products that contain this ingredient, you’re in luck. There are actually quite a few types of products that exist on the market today which contain green tea such as creams, cleansers, toners, facial mists, and face masks.

I want you to completely understand everything there is to know about using green based products on your skin before doing so. You need to know why you should use it, the benefits that using the ingredient can lead to and the side effects as well.

Benefits and Side Effects

I’m just going to scratch the surface here in terms of benefits because there are so many that I’d be here all day writing this article. Instead, I’ll do my best to give you an overview of some of the most important benefits of using green tea for skin repair and maintenance.

Better Complexion – Green tea is known to make your skin look and feel healthier than ever before. It can drastically improve your skin complexion by getting rid of nasty toxins. It can also help reduce any inflammation and blemishes that exist.

No More Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes – I mentioned that products containing green tea were jam packed with antioxidants. Well, these antioxidants have been known to help reduce the darkness under your eyes and the puffiness. It can help you shrink blood vessels that exist around your eyes. As a result, no more swollen puffy eyelids. Also, if you didn’t know, green tea contains vitamin K and this does lots when it comes to lightening the circles under your eyes.

Slows Aging Process – This magical tea has powerful anti-aging benefits that can help slow down the natural aging process. As a result, you will notice that your skin will not look beaten up from the sun, you won’t have age spots, lines or wrinkles. The slowing of the aging process is largely due to the neutralizing of free radicals.

Clear Up Acne – There are catechins present in green tea which are antibacterial agents. These agents help fight off bacteria that builds up and causes acne to form.

A few other things that green tea can do for your skin is to protect you from sun damage, shrink large pores and help exfoliate your skin.

Now For The Side Effects…

The good news is that most side effects that exist when taking green tea are present when taken orally versus being applied to the skin. If you’re allergic to tea or green tea in general then you may find yourself in trouble using products containing the ingredient. Other than that, the side effects are pretty minimal. In the event that you have even the slightest side effect from using green tea for skin care treatment, then you need to contact your doctor immediately.

How To Choose Products

If you have skin problems and you want to pick up a product that contains green tea, then you need to understand what problems you have and what the ingredient is capable of treating. For example, if you have extremely dark spots on your skin and your objective is the lighten the skin, then you’re not going to have any luck incorporating a green tea based product.

It just doesn’t have the power and natural ingredients possible to cure this type of skin problem. However, if your issue is a lack of antioxidants then, sure enough, you’ll be able to benefit from using green tea-based products. If you have skin diseases or issues such as acne, psoriasis, inflammation, rosacea, and many other issues that can be cured with an overabundance of antioxidants than you’re in luck!

DIY Solutions That Incorporate Green Tea

There are literally hundreds of different types of things that you can create and apply to your skin as a do-it-yourself solution to help improve your skin. A few of the different options that you have are the green tea steam facial, green tea toner or face mask, the face and body scrub (which contains sugar), the green tea eye treatment, and last but not least the traditional smoothie.

All of these are simple to make at home with just a few basic ingredients and some time. If you plan on creating your own product, be sure to follow the directions specifically as you’ve found them online. Do not veer off and adjust time or ingredient amounts. Doing so can actually cause more harm than good.

I’m sure by now I’ve been able to convince you that green tea for skin is actually a good thing. If you still have doubts, take a look around and read some of the articles on our site. You’ll find a number of references to this herbal remedy.

Green Tea For Skin
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