Greek Ingredients That People Incorporate Into Their Skin Care Routine


There are some old aged ingredients that have been around for centuries. So many people throughout the world incorporate ingredients that are from ancient Greek times. If you don’t live near Greece, then don’t worry, you can still incorporate these same ingredients into your skin care routine.

It should come as no surprise that people from Greece care about their skin. After all, the word cosmetics comes from a Greek word that sounds almost identical, kosmetikos. The word originates from the 17th century.

If you’re interested in learning about all the ancient Greek skin care ingredients that you can incorporate into your daily routine, then keep reading.

Greek skin care ingredients

Greek Ingredients That Will Improve Your Skin

This a a list of the most common Greek skin care ingredients that people incorporate into their skin care routines. I’ll kick things off by sharing each of them one by one and will also do my best to give you some purchasing options should you wish to incorporate these into your daily routines.

Salt Scrub

One of the most common ingredients used in Greek skin care is salt scrub. Back in the day, Greeks would take pure olive oil and salt, mix them together and create a natural scrub. This is super easy to make today. All you need is Epsom salt and olive oil. Lots of people apply this to their skin while showering or taking a bath. This mixture helps you exfoliate your skin and remove any dead skin cells.

Dried Herbs and Flowers

Centuries ago, local people living in Greece would use herbs and flowers to bathe with. They would add dried flowers and herbs to their bath and soak in the water for 20-minutes or more. Doing this helped detox their skin. Additionally, it helped improve muscle functionality. Yes, it’s great for your skin and very relaxing as well. It helps unclog your pores which prevents bacteria buildup and blackheads from forming.


In Greece, honey is a staple ingredient when it comes to culinary activities as well as skin care. Honey is commonly combined with olive oil in order to create an antibacterial mask.

If you didn’t know, honey is naturally an antibacterial ingredient that can prevent infections from occurring. Olive oil is what many consider a super healer. Mix equal parts honey and olive oil and apply it to your skin This will help increase elasticity, collagen production and reduce roughness of your skin.

Olive Oil

This is by far the most popular ingredient in Greece. the oil from the olive tree is literally used for just about everything in Greece. Olive oil can help moisturize your hair and skin. It’s also said to help hydrate your skin. This ingredient contains powerful minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and more.

It’s a natural ingredient that many people throughout the world love incorporating into their skin care routines. The main use of this ingredient is as a moisturizer. You can apply olive oil to your face in order to benefit from the omegas and tocopherols that it contains.


Next on the list is pomegranate extract. This ingredient contains vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and lots of antioxidants. If free radicals are an issue, then you’ve found a solution. Skin cells age and fighting off free radicals helps keep them from doing so. If you want to tighten your pores up and improve the strength of your skin, then work in some pomegranate extract into your daily routine.

Keep in mind that this is just a short list of Greek skin care ingredients that you can work into your skin care routine. Start by heading on over to and doing a quick ingredient search within the beauty section of the site.

Greek Ingredients That People Incorporate Into Their Skin Care Routine
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