Graydon Beauty Supplement Combo Is All The Rage


Skin care supplements are so in right now. The movement they are making is so powerful it’s unreal. I don’t really know where to start in terms of products to be quite honest. There are brands producing skin pills, hair supplements, and even chocolates that are good for your beauty and skin. Well, there’s a skin care product that a Canadian company called Graydon Skincare has created that’s all the rage these days.

So many people think that it’s a pill you simply pop in your mouth and that is that. Well, I hate to say it but it requires a little more effort than that. It’s a wellness product launch that recently happened and it’s a darn good thing that you didn’t try and eat it if you bought it! The product seems to be something completely different from what you think. It’s actually a face mask and face scrub combo. The product is said it be pretty awesome too!

graydon skin care pills
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Graydon Skincare Pills Protect Your Face

The product comes packaged in a nice and clean clear bottle that is about as travel friendly as it gets. Each individual pill contains a powder that you open and wash with. You’ll notice that the powder is extremely dry but with the addition of a little bit of water, you’ve got a nice face scrub to enjoy.

As for a mask, if you’re looking for something else, you can add some coconut oil or even avocado and create a mask that you’ll never forget. Some people even prefer to add some Manuka honey, leaving it on their face for a sort period of time (say ten minutes or so) and then their face looks great.

Curious what ingredient you’ll find in this Superfood Mask and Scrub? Well, you’ll love to learn that you’ll be getting the best of green coffee, charcoal, mushrooms, papaya, chia seeds and more. If you’re skeptical about using these types of supplements, soon enough I think you’ll be the only one!

Give Graydon Skincare products a try for a low $39 and your life will change forever.

Graydon pills are not the only supplements out there on the market today. There are plenty of types of products out there that exist that can help improve your skin and overall well-being. If you’re not branching out and doing anything to help improve your skin through methods like supplementation and new age ingredient use then you’re selling your skin short.

I’ve got a laundry list of popular supplements that you can think about consuming today if you want to really up your game today. Sure, it costs money and it’s going to be a hit to the old wallet, but that hit is welly worth it given the complexion and improvement you’ll see in days, weeks, and months to come.

Check out the company here.

Graydon Beauty Supplement Combo Is All The Rage
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