Good Things That Can Be Really Bad For Your Skin


In life, we often like to indulge in the finer things. Many of us do things on a daily basis that are good for us. Some do things that are great. It’s really tough to say, but that being said, there are lots of things that we think are great but they’re actually quite bad for our skin.

After doing a lot of research and testing on my own, I know that some of the things that society believes are great for skin are in fact NOT. Given that our skin is perhaps the most important organ in our body, it only makes sense that we do things for our skin that helps keep things on the good side of the tracks. This holds especially true if you’re dealing with conditions that many people have to deal with. You know, things like bad acne, eczema, and other conditions.

Before you go doing anything, take a minute to read this and learn what’s actually quite bad for your skin. Who knows, perhaps find out can change your whole perspective on things at least with regards to your skin I guess…

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Things That Are Actually Really Bad For Your Skin

This list is not in any particular order at all. In fact, everything mentioned here is equally as bad for your skin as the next. Keep this list handy so that you can easily access it and reference when necessary.

I’ll kick the list off with pimple popping. I’m sure you know this but popping pimples comes with consequences and they aren’t pretty. You may think that popping, poking, and probing your pimples is the way to go, but it’s not.

It seems like a great idea to try and remove the bacteria and puss from your pimple, but it most certainly is not. Doing this may cause your pimples to spread, making them more prevalent and painful than prior to picking. I don’t care if it’s poppable or not. Like I said, just leave it alone and let your zit take it’s course, please.

The next thing on the list that’s really not good for you is sun exposure. The sun can really destroy your skin. If you’re dealing with skin issues as is and you’re planning on basking in the sun for a decent amount of time, then you’re not doing anything good for your skin or your body. The sun can dehydrate your skin, cause rashes, and even worse it can cause cancer. Sure, applying sunscreen with SPF does help but it won’t 100% protect your skin. There’s always a chance that something bad can come out of a good time at the beach in the sun.

Hot water feels so good on your body, but it absolutely destroys your skin like you wouldn’t believe. Some people believe that this can really help with cleaning your pores out but the super hot water can do more harm than good. Hot water removes a natural barrier that exists on your skin. That barrier removed means that your skin will undoubtedly dry out very quickly. Keep it lukewarm and you’ll be in a much better place skin wise if you do.

Do you like to steam it up in the steam room? Sure, it sounds like a fun way to hang out and relax but doing so can wreak havoc on your skin. The crazy amount of heat and humidity can be really bad for people suffering from rosacea.

Why? Well, when dealing with a condition like rosacea, you end up with a red face within seconds of steaming and it’s all due to the dilation of the capillaries. Too much steaming can cause damage to your capillaries and then you’re going to wish you never spent time in that steam room.

Let’s talk products. Are you into using exfoliants? While exfoliating on a regular basis is really good for your skin, if it starts to get flaky and bad, then you need to cut out the exfoliating. Flaky skin and scrubs do not mix although it sounds like a great time to do so. When your skin starts to become flaky, then it’s time to actually up your hydration game and cut back on the exfoliating. Doing so too often will mess with the moisture levels within your skin.

I’ll keep that thought rolling and say that exfoliating every single day is a no-no as well. If you’re doing that, then you’re really doing it wrong – BIG TIME. Please, if anyone tells you to exfoliate every day do not listen to them.

hydration and keeping your skin moist

Speaking of products, if you’re using too much of anything on your skin, it’s not going to end well. More product will not necessarily clear up your skin. Usse products as directed and no other way and you’ll be fine.

Well, those are a few good tips for you to keep in mind. Remember, always put your skin first and you’ll look much younger in the long run.

Good Things That Can Be Really Bad For Your Skin
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