Goddess Garden Organics Uses Environmentally Sensitive Packaging


Goddess Garden Organics is located in environmentally conscious Bouler, colorado. This company specializes in organic skin care products that are all natural. These skin care products are designed to protect the skin from damage from the symptoms of aging. The company claims that the products also repair damage to the skin that has been done already. The products are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging. Cost of the packaging is secondary to the impact on the environment.

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Goddess Garden Organics Has Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Goddess Garden Organics makes the Sun Repair System. This includes several skin care products that are designed to protect against sun damage. These packaging materials also have this eco conscious design in mind. The company uses recycled content that utilizes low energy consumption during the manufacturing process. So the packaging is literally endlessly recycled. There are no plastic containers used by Goddess Garden Organics. For that reason the company uses no airless pumps. As this kind of packaging is only available in plastic acrylic which is not recyclable.

Skin care product pumps and caps are a mix of recyclable and non recyclable components. These are made from polypropylene and a low density polyethylene. Goddess Garden Organics uses low energy resins for packaging. They do this by combining PE and PP together to consume the lowest amount of energy possible during the production cycle versus other plastics. In fact, the lower density found in the PP will reduce the overall amount of waste from this packaging.

Goddess Garden Organics Uses Environmentally Sensitive Packaging
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