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Have you heard of GM Collin Skin Care? It’s a company that sells various kinds of beauty products to local spas as well as aestheticians. This dermo-corrective skin care line is one of many brands that have been established in both U.S. and Canada. Various companies use these professional products and as a result, consumers reap the rewards of them. The business is not brand new. In fact, it’s been around since the late 1950’s. The brand originally launched in France and entered the Canadian market in the 90’s. I’m going to do my best to help provide some information on the products, company, and the brand in general.

GM Collin Skin Company

What Is GM Collin And Do Their Products Actually Work?

I’ve somewhat covered what GM Collin is but I’m going to go a little bit more in depth here with regards to the company and products.  It’s a simple skin care business that operates with one main purpose, to help consumers look healthier and younger-looking. While the website is nicely put together and it’s easy to navigate, they don’t share too much information on the product ingredients. Unfortunately, they basically have a couple of sentences about the product and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I imagine the reason they have the website setup like this is because they don’t sell products online. It’s impossible to buy products directly from the company online. The GM Collin website specifically states this at the bottom and they do so to protect consumers from buying fake skin care products. Yes, it’s true and rather unfortunate but people try and scam consumers all the time in this industry. Read this page to avoid any issues. Here’s the consumer warning that has been posted on the company website.

GM Collin consumer warnings

If you’re interested in learning about the specific ingredients of each product, then you’re going to need to search the internet for third-party retail sites. I would not suggest buying from the sites, just using the information they have online to check out the ingredients.

As far as products are concerned, they have cleansers, exfoliants, mists, serums, creams, gels, masks, lip care products, sun protection, travel skin kits, and even BB cream. The company has taken the time to break products down based on skin type and condition. They also offer services and professional treatments such as chemical peels, botinol, oxygen mask treatments and collagen masks. If you don’t know what a collagen mask is, then check this page out here.You’ll have to take a closer look at the company website to see if any of these services that GM Collin offers is something you fancy.

Based on my research and the website layout, I’d have to say that the most popular GM Collin product line is likely the new Diamond Serum and Cream that they offer.

Here are some simple facts that I discovered while doing some research on the GM Collin website. For starters, you will not find any way possible to order this product directly from the company online. However, you may come across many websites that have written their personal thoughts and reviews on the products. I also quickly learned that given that they don’t sell the products online, they also don’t disclose an MSRP of any kind. The problem I have with this is that spas and treatment centers can set any astronomical price they’d like with these products. Consumers have no way of know whether or not they are being taken advantage of here. Professionals set their own prices and that in itself can be scary.

The majority of the products can be found online if you search hard enough, but the company advises against purchasing products online. Instead, they provide a search function on the website which allows consumers to find the nearest authorized retailer at local spas.

After reading a few of the ingredients on some products, I noticed that a few ingredients were used which have been known to irritate people’s skin. Things like grapefruit peel oil, lemon peel oils, and lime oil may be listed as ingredients within some products. Side note, essential oils are pretty big in skin care today. Read more about them in this article. If you have had an allergic reaction to these, then you might want to avoid products that contain them. On a good note, the products seem to be paraben free and they may not test on animals. However, I was unable to confirm this on the site. Last but not least, they have products that both men and women can enjoy using.

I came across their Youtube channel and noticed that they have a ton of videos showcasing the various treatments that they offer. I’ve shared one with you below. It’s a clip showing how the GM Collin Sea C Spa Treatment is done should you decide to hit the spa for a treatment or two.

Opinions Around The Internet

I took the time to check out some sites to see what others had to say about this product. While the company has stuck it out for decades, I find it strange that in 2016, they would not sell products on their website. This is a huge red flag if you ask me and a bit of an inconvenience. It gives the spas and treatment centers too much power over price control. The only reason that I can think of this happening is because the companies are buying a product from GM Collin at a wholesale rate and without any pricing limitations.

Some of the things that people across the web had to say about GM Collin was that a lack of results was quite common. Some went as far to say that the product simply wasn’t that great and that it didn’t do anything for their face. However, not all the comments were negative. Some were actually quite positive and comforting. One individual mentioned that the GM Collin product helped remove dead built-up skin cells from her body and as a result, she felt refreshed! Another consumer mentioned that one of the cleaners softened her skin and didn’t dry it out like others on the market so frequently do.

It seems like one of the major and most common complaints about GM Collin products was the difficulty in purchasing the products. Given that consumers can only visit local authorized spa dealers to purchase GM Collin products, it makes it a bit difficult. People attempt to buy them on eBay and other shady online retailers and they buy ineffective, expired or even fake products!

Should You Try It?

Before you try this product out, I’d suggest checking out the website and determining where the closest spa is that carries the line. They can give you some more information on the products and don’t be afraid to call a few places to check the prices of them. After all, you don’t want to break the bank, do you!

GM Collin
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  1. I had my first facial with GM Collinnpriducts in January. The esthetician gave me some samples of the cow collagen snd marine collagen product. I had been consistently using Skin Medica TNS Serum got a couple of years and had great results with it but figured I would use the samples in my gym bag following morning workouts instead. Shortly after starting to use the samples, my face began developing pustules everywhere…even directly under my eyes. I didn’t even think about the samples and researched rosacea at the suggestion of a friend. Since I’ve never had this type of cystic acne in my life(I’m 62), I couldn’t imagine the cause. I started using tea tree oil on a qtip yo foot treat and dry up the pustules. I then found emu aid online snd shortly after using it, the problem began clearing. A couple of weeks ago I had another facial with same esthetician and remember her telling me she was using the cow collagen . The next day, the random pustules reappeared. After struggling for a week,?i went to a dermatologist and when asked when the problem started, it dawned on me that it was the day after the cow collagen product was used. The pustules were everywhere…even in my eye brows, under my eyes, done on my cheeks. Won’t be using that product again