We’ve shared some information on many of the chemical peels that consumers often have administered by doctors or they do them at home. That’s when Glytone instantly comes to mind. Many people may not even know what Glytone is, but for those that do, they know that one ingredient stands as the staple or building block of this brand. The ingredient that I’m referring to is known as free glycolic acid. It’s the main ingredient in Glytone skin care products and one that we’ve not really touched upon here as of yet other than right here.

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What Is Glytone?

Some question what Glytone is and whether or not it really works. Let’s start from square one before we begin diving into effectiveness. The Glytone Skin Care line was born in the early 1940s when three individuals got together. A dermatologist and two pharmacists came up with the formula in 1943 as an experiment. These three professionals wanted to introduce the use of glycolic acid into skin care products well before it became popular. The market finally caught up to speed in the 1980s. That’s when many companies began to try and compete with Glytone. However, the company wasn’t going to settle for that. Instead, they wanted to differentiate themselves. They did so by shying away from neutralized glycolic acid and instead incorporating free glycolic acid into their products as an alternative.

In fact, they were moving so fast, the very first product was formed before the company even had established a brand name. The very first product that the company released was known as the Glytone In-Office Peel Sheer Masque +30 Gel. Once they confirmed that the product launch was a success, they then went ahead and created the official Glytone Skin Care line. The official brand was launched as one that was a dermatologist grade brand that would certainly improve your skin complexion. That launch took place sometime in 1998.

Since then, they’ve put forth the effort to continue to innovate and adapt to the marketplace. They added many products to their line until the company was acquired by Pierre Fabre. I’m going to do my absolute best to cover some of the products that Glytone produces.

Some Glytone Products

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the products that Glytone produces today.

Rejuvenating Mini Peel Gel

This specific product is an award winning product. It’s a peel that can be applied to your skin at home, which helps exfoliate your skin quite well. The mini peel gel contains about 11% of free glycolic acid. This chemical peel is said to help consumers eliminate wrinkles and fine lines that are commonly present in many aging individuals. It helps to improve the skin complexion of many users, overall making it much smoother than ever before. This mini peel gel might be a great option if you’re an older individual with delicate skin. While I haven’t personally tried it as of yet, it’s said to have serious youth-like powers. After all, we want to look as youthful as possible, right?

Exfoliating Body Wash

Next on the list is the Exfoliating Body Wash, which is merely one of many exfoliating skin care products. This body wash might be good for someone that has uneven skin, scaly skin issues, redness, irritation, and cracked skin in areas such as elbows, knees, heels and other commonly prone areas. What happens here is that the free glycolic acid is highly concentrated and as a result, it’s able to help better exfoliate your skin and reduce the presence of any imperfections. If you’re looking for something that can make your skin soft, smooth, and relaxed feeling, then give this Glytone product a try.

Mild Gel Wash

The Mild Gel Wash also contains glycolic acid, which helps battle dirt that may build up on your skin. If you’re price sensitive, then this product might be the perfect one for you, since it’s the least expensive of them all. Here’s how it works, the glycolic acid literally works hard to remove dead skin cells that might be built up on your skin. The glycerin acts as a moisturizing agent which really hydrates the skin nicely. This mild gel wash is meant to be used twice per day, every day. Feel free to check out some of the reviews that have been written on this product in the past by consumers on other third-party websites.

Where To Buy Them

Based on some personal research that I’ve conducted, I’ve discovered a number of different places in which you can purchase these Glytone products. There’s one site online called which sells almost every product that this company produces. Another option is to buy the products right off of the official company website. I always suggest taking this route, that way you know you’re getting the real product. The website lists out how to use the products, who the products are meant to for, specific ingredients and other product details.

Another place to purchase these products is Amazon. Whatever you do, I suggest not using eBay or Craigslist. They are complete trash when it comes to skin care product selling. Find out where right now by clicking here.

If you feel more comfortable buying the products locally, then you can visit the company website where they list out all the physicians that carry the products. All you have to do is type in your zip code and see which physicians are actually authorized as Glytone retailers.

Ask For Help

If you’re still unsure whether this brand is truly for your or not, then I suggest asking your personal doctor or dermatologist. Why ask them? Well, chances are they will have been a great resource for you given that they can assess your personal skin condition and investigate the ingredients within each of the products. In fact, I rarely suggest that anyone try a new skin care product without getting a professional opinion first. No fully understanding the underlying cause of your condition may drastically increase the chances of mistreatment taking place.

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