Give Back This Holiday By Donating Skin Care Products


It’s Christmas time and nothing makes me happier than being able to do something for someone else during the holiday season. There are so many people out there (companies included) that literally have so much inventory that they don’t know what to do with it.

During the holiday season, women collectively get so many skin care products that they simply begin tossing them in the trash because they just have too much of it. I’m sure that if you took a quick look around your home, you’d notice that you have more than enough product which you have zero intentions of using. All those samples that you picked up free of charge, simply clutter your makeup bag. What I’m trying to drive is to give back instead of hoarding.

donating skin care products

Ways To Donate Unused Skin Care Products This Holiday

There are plenty of ways that you can donate your unused skin care products to someone in need this holiday season. Donating is really easy and it feels great to do it. Not to mention, it’s an awesome way to make more room for things that you’ll actually consume.

There are a lot of women that simply can’t afford to buy expensive skin products or makeup. Everyone has tough financial times at one point or another in their life. Being able to give back really does help and it’s something that I encourage everyone to do. Here’s a list of things that you can do if you want to donate your skin and beauty products that have not been used.

Give It To Dress For Success

There’s a company out there that owns Dress For Success. The company helps women dress appropriately for the best interview outcomes possible. They help less fortunate women that can’t afford nice new suits or good makeup to look professional. You can always connect with them and coordinate sending your makeup or skin cream there.

Local Women’s Shelter

The other thing you can do is perform a local search on your phone for shelters for women. Most of the local shelters do their best to help women within their neighborhood get jobs and look nice for interviews as well. Since it’s the holiday season, you could create some gift bags for some of the women down at the shelter and present the makeup and skin products as a gift versus a donation. I’m sure they would be equally appreciative.

My point is simple, do something to give back. There are so many women out there today that are less fortunate than others, do whatever you can to make their lives that much better this holiday season. They won’t forget that, I promise. Happy holidays.

Give Back This Holiday By Donating Skin Care Products
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