Ginger Root Benefits

If you didn’t know by now, ginger root is one of the best natural beauty boosters out there. The root has literally been used for more than 5,000 years by the Chinese and people practicing Ayurvedic medicine. They have turned to this root to help heal many ailments, such as skin problems and hair issues. Whether you’re drinking ginger tea or exfoliating with a ginger-based scrub, I think you’re doing the right thing. Here is a run down of the benefits that consuming this magical root can do for you and your body!

Benefits of Ginger

Main Benefits Of Ginger Root

There are so many benefits that I can’t possibly list them all here today, but I’ll do my best to list as many as possible. Of course, most of these benefits will be health and skin related more so than anything. I’ll start with skin…

Skin Complexion

Did you know that applying ginger to your skin can help improve your skin complexion? It tightens pores, evens out any discoloration that might exist and is perfect for those looking to tighten up and large pores. Looking for a natural quick fix, the best thing you can do is apply a honey and ginger juice mix to your skin.

Beat Acne

If fighting acne is something that you’re constantly trying to do, then I suggest that you start consuming this asap. It can help prevent as well as treat acne both topically and internally. Why does it work so well? The reason it works is because it is a strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic which helps fight off acne quite well. Many people are simply adding this to their smoothies in order to benefit from it. If you want to apply it to your skin, then I suggest that you use a small amount of ginger juice extra and raw manuka honey. Apply that to your face and you should begin to see a difference over time. Just be cautious not to apply too much as it can cause stinging to occur when acne is present.

Remove Scars and Dark Spots

Scars and dark spots are best fought off when you drastically diminish the free radicals that are present in your skin cells. Guess what, ginger contains an awesome antioxidant known as gingerol and this alone can help you get rid of dark spots and scars. The best way to apply it for this particular issue is to take some ice cubes and ginger and blend it all together. Apply the mixture to your face and you’ll start to notice the changes it causes.

Pigmentation Issues

Are you fighting hypopigmentation issues? Yes, I’m talking about those white spots on your skin that look much lighter than your natural skin. It can help improve hypopigmentation when applied for 20-25 minutes twice a day. Take a ginger and honey blended mixture and apply it twice to your skin every single day. You will be pleased with the results, I promise.


Are you fighting dandruff issues? I’ll have you know that dandruff forms because of fungi and ginger can help. It can help because it’s a great antiseptic. The best approach to this issue is to create a ginger water mixture and simply apply it to your scalp.


If you’re having issues with skin inflammation or eczema, then you might want to try taking a ginger bath. As previously stated ginger is an anti-inflammatory that can help calm your skin and improve circulation. If you don’t have time for a bath, you can choose to simply apply a few drops of ginger oil and olive oil to the affected areas.

Ridding Your Body Of Skin Tags

Skin tags can be physically unpleasant looking and many people hate having them. If you want to try and remove these skin tags from your body, then you can try to do so with ginger. Start by rubbing a slice on your skin a few times a day and within a couple of weeks, it will be gone.

Anti Aging Powerhouse

Ginger is super powerful and it contains dozens of antioxidants that can help improve your skin. I’m going to suggest that you use it on a regular basis to help increase the chances of slowing down the aging process.

Exfoliate Better

If you have a cheeseĀ grater then get to using it today! Did you know that grated ginger is one of the most commonly found ingredients in scrubs today? The reason it’s used so much is due to the perfect texture. It can help you reduce the rough texture of your skin by removing dirt, sebum, dead skin, and grime that typically sits on your skin for days.

After reading about all these reasons why it’s is awesome for your health, body, and skin, I can’t for even one second think as to why someone would choose to not incorporate it into their daily routine. Unless you have an allergy or something preventing you from incorporating this, then I suggest you do so as soon as possible.

Now, if you’re interested in learning about other natural or organic ingredients that you can start using, then check this article out. I’m sharing everything there is to know about it.


Ginger Root Benefits
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