Are Your Gadgets Causing You To Breakout?


You use them every single day. In fact, you can’t survive without checking it every 30 seconds. That’s right, I’m referring to your smartphone. If you’re breaking out or having skin problems these days, it could very well be due to using dirty tech gadgets. They are much dirtier than you may think. If you’re prone to breaking out or if you have severe facial acne then I urge you to read this entire article. It may help reduce your breakouts.

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Dirty Gadgets Can Cause Breakouts

According to a recent article that was written, Dr. Erin Gilbert, Dermatologist, gave her personal opinion on tech gadgets and the impact they can have on the skin. Dr. Gilbert stated that¬†“Our smartphones are a really big source of skin contamination,” and what happens when skin gets contaminated? It soon breaks out as a reaction to the contamination.

The types of contaminants that were mentioned are pretty nasty. For example, smartphones which contain contaminants may have bacteria in the form of staphylococcus and streptococcus. I know it sounds absolutely disgusting but the truth is that your body is likely covered with a ton of this bacteria already. According to Dr. Gilbert, it’s normal to have about two pounds of bacteria covering your skin. When I found out about this I was absolutely shocked and want to do nothing other than immediately¬†take a shower.

What Dr.Gilbert claims as being abnormal is putting our bodies in contact with all the bacteria that resides on our smartphones. Think about it for a second. There could be makeup, oil, debris, sweat, dead skin cells and more that get caked on your smartphone. Over time, this builds up and all that bacteria can clog your pores.

The important question here is how do we resolve this issue? Well, as simple as it sounds, we just need to clean our smartphones on a regular basis. There are antimicrobial pads that are specifically designed for cleaning your smartphone.

If fact, there are plenty of cleaning products on the market that will not damage your phone. They are designed to keep your phone clean without ruining or damaging the protective coating that exists on them.

It’s not just our phones that we need to be cleaning. Any tech gadgets that get worn, touched or come in contact with your skin should be cleaned on a regular basis. What will likely happen is, you’ll look at your device and it will look perfectly clean. You won’t even realize how dirty it is and because you can’t see the bacteria you’ll take no action. Instead, I urge you to pick up a cleansing product and clean your smartphone today and every day the rest of the week. You’ll be surprised the impact that it has on your skin. Give it a try!

Are Your Gadgets Causing You To Breakout?
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