GABA Cream Review

Can GABA cream really help improve the condition of your wrinkles? Are you the type that cannot stand what’s happening to your face as you age? Then maybe you want to look further into this type of cream. If you’ve done any small amount of research over the years, then you’d have likely come across this ingredient at one point or another. The main ingredient in many skin products today is gamma-amniobutyric-acid, also commonly referred to as GABA.

For those totally unfamiliar with what this is, it’s an amino acid that can be found within the body. It’s also naturally occurring and plays a rather prominent role in neuron function and activity within our bodies. Over the years, this GABA cream has become quite popular. The way the amino acid works is quite simple. It has the ability to make your muscles relax. The GABA cream does this by blocking the neurotransmitters that exist in our bodies.

If you’re the type that likes to watch infomercials on television, then chances are you’ve heard various doctors and specialists refer to this ingredient. Specifically, you’ve likely heard Dr. Mehmet Oz mention this ingredient at one time or another. In fact, I believe he’s even pointed out how impactful it is when it comes to anti aging solutions. While all these claims sound amazing, is it all just a bunch of nonsense or can this GABA cream really save the day? Keep reading to find out the truth about it.

GABA Cream review
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Details On How GABA Cream Works

There are many people out there that remain skeptical about this ingredient, but I’ve never been one to turn something down without completely researching things.

As far as this amino acid is concerned, it’s something that your body naturally produces so you’ve got an edge from day one. That is, assuming that you’ve got enough of it in your system. The gamma-amniobutyric-acid does its job by blocking neurotransmitters. In doing so, it helps prevent electrochemical messages from being passed on. When you restrict the passing of messages between neurons, it starts to impact the nervous system, specifically, the way that muscles restrict and contract as well as the brain activity associated.

People also use the topical treatment regularly and it’s often consumed in supplement form to help improve one’s mood and wellness. There are doctors out there that actually suggest incorporating GABA supplementally in order to help with depression, mood swings, epilepsy and many other things. All of these things seem to be associated with brain activity and perhaps supplementing can help better control the issue. Consumers take GABA in order to improve their mood and it’s all a result of blocking electrochemical impulses that happen within your body. However, the most common use and focus of this ingredient is topical use for treating wrinkles.

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GABA Cream Theory and Idea

There are some theories behind as to why this works so well if you’re trying to improve your skin and slow the aging process. For starters, I’ll say that the GABA has the ability to weaken or reduce the strength of muscle contractions that occur. This restriction is what makes it so effective and it’s similar to Botox in that sense.

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The idea behind the cream is quite simple. Applying this to an area on your skin helps better control the muscles which cause crow’s feet and frown lines. Relaxing the muscle results in fewer wrinkles, it’s really that simple.

Some of the claims that doctors, marketers, and skin specialists have made about this ingredient have caused it to explode in popularity. I mean really, who on earth wouldn’t want to get rid of all their wrinkles just by using a cream daily? Mind you, without having to pony up for an expensive Botox treatment as well. However, don’t get your hopes up to high just yet. It’s possible that the claims are not what they seem to be.

Is GABA Cream Really A Positive Solution?

I hate to say it but some consumers have started to become quite skeptical about the effectiveness of this ingredient. Many people have been making a stink about it for a few reasons. Here are just some of the reasons why…

It’s Very Short Lived – Many people are pointing out that the GABA cream is only effective for a short period of time. They are saying that it’s not even long enough to really enjoy the results at times. The GABA molecules can only prevent neurons from communicating for so long or else it would cause more damage and possibly be fatal if you were to ingest it. Brain activity would essentially discontinue and that would be a bad thing. However, if the GABA cream does in fact work, then it’s most likely doing so in a weak manner.

Other Ingredients Are Necessary – In order for GABA to work properly, it needs to have the right environmental condition in order to function properly. Some conditions may not be ideal, in which case, the GABA cream would likely be less effective.

No Science Backed Proof – There is not much evidence out there claiming that GABA cream is effective at reducing wrinkles. Scientists have agreed that this ingredient does work internally in order to stop neurotransmitters from communicating but the efficacy of the topical cream is still unconfirmed.

Weak Fingers Should Result – The claim here is that if the ingredient is supposed to help weaken and prevent muscle activity, then it’s argued that your fingers would also be weakened due to applying the product to your face. It’s been said that the same impact to take effect on your fingers and no one has reported that.

Can It Help You Heal?

People have also questioned whether or not the GABA cream is capable of healing wounds. There are studies out there that claim it can help heal rodents. However, there is no word as to whether or not those rodents had a decrease in wrinkles, facial lines, and crow’s feet.


GABA cream may be worth giving a try but I personally wouldn’t spend too much time or effort using the ingredient. There is very little proof or evidence that this can help impact things. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of things as it stands now. Maybe in the future, we’ll have another study to share or an update with stronger proof of it working.

GABA Cream Review
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