Fytt Beauty: Green Juicing For Your Skin! What In The World?


How long have I been preaching about the importance of being fit and healthy? Skin care and fitness go hand in hand. In fact, I can’t think of another combination that works better than this. Well, maybe milk and cookies but that’s about it!

I’m glad that I am not the only one that understands the importance of both skin and fitness. I’ve just come across a new lifestyle skin care brand that shares the same beliefs when it comes to achieving healthy skin as an active human being.

Allow me to introduce you to Fytt, a skin care brand that’s taken fitness and skin care to a whole new level. They’ve launched this line to help bridge the gap between fitness and skin care. The health and fitness industry and the beauty industry are so closely related. There are millions of Americans living out there today that spend hours working on their physical health and fitness, yet they’re still lacking in the skin care treatment department. This is where Fytt comes into play.

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What Exactly Is Fytt And Should You Try It?

Are you a fitness fan? Are you into living a healthy lifestyle and doing everything that you can to stay in shape both inside and out? Well, if so, then Fytt might be the skin care product line for you.

My guess is that they’ve done extensive research on health and diet as well as beauty trends over the years. As a result, they’ve been able to carve out a unique spot for them with their juicing related products.

What they’ve done is they’ve taken the trend of juicing, created related products which can be applied to your skin and they’re helping deliver nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins to your body through the use of super greens and grains.

No, you don’t drink this stuff! Instead, you’ve got to apply it to your skin!

Fytt was founded by Kellie Chen and Kevin Vu, both who have worked in the industry for more than ten years.

While some may look at this product a just see a trendy, fun solution, others see something that’s built to last with objectives of meeting their top priorities and all topically versus a consumable good.

The Products

If you’re looking to try out some of the products, then I suggest giving the HIT RESTART a try. It’s a detox body scrub that delivers nutrients, exfoliates your skin, and keeps your skin looking healthy as can be. You might be familiar with some of the ingredients used in this product such as spinach, kale, flaxseed, spirulina, and a few other ingredients. The products are all USDA certified organic and they are not tested on animals. Of course, the products are made here in the United States.

Fytt just officially launched their store and although they are new to the scene, my suggestion would be to give them a try. After all, what do you really have to lose in trying another skin care product? Check them out on Instagram or you can visit their official online store and purchase a product or two.

Fytt Beauty: Green Juicing For Your Skin! What In The World?
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