FTC Cracking Down On All Natural Claims


When it comes to marketing and advertising, there is one particular group of individuals that you want to steer clear from and that’s the Federal Trade Commission, aka the FTC. Some skin care companies are going to find themselves in a messy situation if they are involved in what the FTC is cracking down on.

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FTC Going After All Natural Claims With Force

Unfortunately, for skin care product owners, the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t give you a pass for a lack of knowledge and a certain few companies are not feeling the wrath of the FTC for their mistakes.

According to the Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain Sunscreen company, along with three other companies have recently been in trouble for their claims. The companies have all agreed to discontinue the use of the terms “all natural” and ” 100 percent natural.” In fact, the issue here is that the companies were not really “all natural” due to the synthetic ingredients that were used to create the products.

The FTC complaint that was made against the Rocky Mountain Sunscreen company names two of their products. The products targeted in the complaint were the Face Stick SPF 60 Sunscreen and the Face Stick SPF 60 Kids Sunscreen.

According to the company’s general manager, the incident was simply a misunderstanding and that they’ve admitted to being at fault. They thought that because the active ingredients were all natural ingredients that they met the requirements of being all-natural. The moral to the story is that all the ingredients need to be all natural, including the inactive ingredients.

The products have since been pulled from the shelves and the labels have been replaced to read “mineral based” instead of “all natural.”

I’m not here to point fingers at this particular company. We all make mistakes and it’s quite common in the industry. That’s why it’s important to turn to a good information source before purchasing any products. In fact, if you’re curious about a product and want us to take a closer look at it, we can certainly do that for you!

As for Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, I’m sure they will bounce back and I’m glad to see that they are becoming compliant to be able to continue producing products.

The companies that are deceptively marketing their products with the same strategy are going to find themselves in very big trouble unless they make changes!

FTC Cracking Down On All Natural Claims
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