Fresh, Dewy, And Refined: How To Get The Korean Makeup Look

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How to get that "Korean Look."

These days, beauty is international. Go on any social media site and you’ll instantly see the work of makeup mavens from all over the world, from glowing Brazilian tans to fiery
red Italian pouts. Some of the most eye­ catching examples of multicultural makeup mastery are done by Korean women. One can’t help but admire the dewy skin, smoky eyes, and chic bobs they flaunt. Well, now there’s no need to admire from a distance.

Korean Skin Care PicWith the help of Korean Cosmetic Experts, Peach & Lily, here are some tips for those who want to rock a Korean makeup look, wherever you call home. Ask ten Korean women what they think the most important factor for looking gorgeous is, and chances are nine out of ten will respond that radiant skin is key. Korean makeup looks are perhaps best recognized for their emphasis on creamy, flawless looking skin, and as a result, there is a wide arsenal of Korean products to achieve this look.

What You Should Know About Korean Skin care

Good looking skin starts with proper skin care. Most Korean women prefer a gentler skin cleanser, like Clinique’s liquid facial soap. Using a mild, unscented soap will prevent you from breaking out, as it irritates the skin less than a harsher cleanser does. It will also ensure that not too much of your skin’s natural moisture gets stripped from your face, which prevents the appearance of dry, scaly skin. Korean women also recommend washing off the cleanser with cold water, as this closes your pores, which results in a smoother complexion. Finally, pat your face dry with a clean towel, making sure not to treat the skin too harshly. Finish your facial care ritual with a nourishing lotion, like Cremorlab’s Fresh Water Gel.

A common addition to this daily skincare process is a weekly mask. Using a mask can yield many benefits, from unclogging pores too soothing inflamed skin. If you have very dry skin, look for masks that boast moisturizing power, like Shiseido’s Benefiance mask.

For those who are concerned with skin aging, many masks come with fruit extracts and proteins that are designed to repair wear that your skin experiences during the week. By incorporating a mask into your skin care ritual, you can get the delicate, glowing skin that is the hallmark of Korean beauty.

The next step in getting the Korean look is to investigate your eye shape. A wide ­awake looking almond shaped eye is the most popular style, usually created by a fold in the eyelid called an epicanthal fold. Many Korean women rely on a small cosmetic surgery to get the look, a tradition which has become somewhat controversial. Of course, there are many ways to temporarily mimic a folded eyelid, from stickers to glues that will hold a fold in place. A fold achieved using one of these methods is virtually indistinguishable from a surgically created fold, and are, of course, non­permanent.

While American women rely on liquid or powder foundation to get a smooth and evenly toned complexion, Korean women use a type of tinted moisturizer called BB cream. BB cream is a snap to apply and has the additional benefit of keeping your skin well moisturized. Some brands even act as a sunscreen, preventing premature skin aging caused by sun damage.

Korean eye makeup is often quite similar to American styles, albeit somewhat more natural and less dramatic. Colors favored include a rich plum, medium brown, and a smoky taupe. These shades are applied across the upper lashline and smudged out a little at the outside corners of the eye to create a winged effect. Finish your look with a swipe of light peach or neutral, transparent lip color, and you’re good to go!

Fresh, Dewy, And Refined: How To Get The Korean Makeup Look
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