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In my personal opinion, some of the most beautiful people in this world are French. Perhaps it’s the fact that the women in France just don’t stress out over aging. I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s working for them. Based on some of my research, some of the women in France look towards aging as being just another chapter in the book of life. Many of them choose to sport little to no makeup. Perhaps they have a philosophy of the “less is more” type. Given that it’s typical of French women to completely avoid makeup, the French skin care market consists mostly of skin products versus lots of cosmetics.

Many women from France believe that healthy skin is meant to be shown off and not covered up by some toxic chemical or makeup brand. They invest in skin care tactics prior to the aging process kicking in and that seems to go along way. Based on some of my research, it’s the investing in the skin care routines that really make a difference in their complexions.

Should you decide to adopt a French skin care routine, you’ll quickly learn that the common routine consists of five big steps. I’ll do my best to cover each of the steps for you. The steps include cleansing, toning your skin, moisturizing, evening serum application and weekly facial treatments.

French Skin Care Routine

French Skin Care Process Details

Any French woman that you come across will tell you just how important it is to cleanse your face. The cleansing aspect of the French skin care regimen is one of the most important out there. If I had to go out on a limb, I’d say that it’s at the very top of the skin care routine in terms of importance. The reason I say that is due to the fact that a dirty face is one that will never be perfect.

As for the French, they take cleansing to a whole other level. By that, what I mean is that they cleanse their skin by incorporating milk cleansers into their routines. The traditional French skin care routine rejected the use of bars of soaps and even liquid as well as gel cleansers.

Instead, many women from France prefer to use a cleanser that’s not as harsh on their skin. This cleanser als helps prevent skin from drying and becoming flaky. While the French cleansers don’t foam and bubble up as easily as those in the United States, they are much more gentle. However, you need to put more work into them as a result in order to remove dirt and grime. The good news is that they are gentle on the skin and can even be used multiple times if necessary.

Next on the list is the toning of the skin. French skin care values the toning process as well. Soon as the cleansing process has been completed, it’s at that point when the toner is then applied to the skin, roughly five minutes following the cleansing. You want to apply toner to a clean and dry surface in order for the toner to absorb better. Any remnants of dirt and oil are swept away by the time the toner has done its job.

One of the main reasons why French people like toners so much is due to the impact that they have on your pH levels. It is important that you balance out your pH levels before applying anything else to your skin. Doing so will help the creams, serums, and anything else you apply work better.

The next step is the moisturizing process. In French skin care routines, the approach is a bit different than in a traditional routine. What I mean by that is that they use oils versus facial creams. Believe it or not, oils are actually lighter and more gentle on your skin than the traditional creams. Not to mention, they are more easily absorbed as well.

Although creams and sunscreens are both used in traditional French skin care routines, the oils are more prevalent due to the fact that they cause less clogging and they also help reduce the presence of acne. If minimizing the wrinkles, lines and everything else is on your agenda, then educate yourself on the oils to purchase.

Face serums are then applied after the oil moisturizing process is completed. They incorporate the use of serums to best deliver antioxidants, vitamins, and simply rejuvenate your skin quicker than ever before.

They take this process so seriously that they’ll incorporate the use of serums twice daily. In lieu of using a night cream, they’ll go out of their way to use a strong facial serum after a nice milk cleansing.

Last but not least, the facials are very important. Getting a facial treatment on a weekly basis is an absolute must for almost any French woman. If you haven’t taken the time to experience this process, then you should do so. Many French women swear by the process really. It’s one of those things that you simply need to do if you want to look young and have nice looking skin.

That about sums up the French skin care routine in a nutshell. I think you’ll find that the process is very enjoyable and should you decide to adopt it, your skin will be happy that you did.

Do you have another skin care regimen that’s derived from a different country other than France and the United States? If so, then wonderful, we’d love to hear all about it! Do us a favor and share the information with us. We’ll be glad to publish the routine, tips, and tricks with our readers and pay you for your advice as well.

French Skin Care
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