Free Skin Care Tricks From Julianne Moore!


Let’s just call today freebie Friday! Reason being, we’re here to give you some amazingly simple skin care tricks straight from an award winning celebrity. If you don’t know who Julianne Moore is then you’ve obviously not watched many films lately. She’s an Academy Award winner that’s played prominent roles in many movies including the Hunger Games.

There is one word to describe her on-screen and off-screen life. I call it “winning.” She’s doing absolutely incredible things and one of those “things” is keeping her youthful look. Julianne Moore is a young 56 years of age and quite frankly, it seems like she’s been able to make time stand still.

Julianne recently did an interview with The Cut where she spilled the beans and shared some of her best skin and health tips out there. I’m not talking general skin tips, but specifics and the best part, they’re absolutely free!

julianne moore skin tricks
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Julianne Moore’s Free Skin Care Tricks Revealed

There are so many places that you can turn to today for some skin care tricks and tips. However, very few of them are free tricks. For the most part, people think that it takes a lot of effort, money, or both in order to achieve a great looking skin complexion.

The truth is, that’s not the always the case.

Today I’m here to share some intel that we gained recently and the best part is that you can begin taking action on these things almost immediately. Here are some of the tricks that help keep Julianne’s skin looking great.

Shady Sidewalks

Guess what, Julianne only walks on the shady side of the street and if it’s not shady, then she’s not walking on it. Once you start making an effort to walk in the shade, you’ll become accustomed to doing it and will not be able to do it any other way. Walking in the shade makes total sense given the fact that it prevents free radical build up from occurring.

Sit Inside

Unless you want to deal with pollutants, external environmental factors, terrible sun exposure and more, then you need to sit inside. Julianne Moore spends most of her time watching others wine and dine outside. Instead, she gets a table indoors and enjoys a meal in the A/C and out of the sun. Again, it’s the sun that we’re dodging here.

Avoid Sushi

Julianne does her best to avoid sushi and suggests that you do the same, especially if you’re looking to keep the puffiness down. If you’ve never spent time dining on delicious sushi, then you wouldn’t understand just how sodium-rich this really is. Julianne loves eating sushi but stays far away from it when she has an award show or anything of that nature.

Do Yoga

One of the the activities that Julianne does is ashtanga yoga. She does it four times weekly and believes that if you do, then you’ll up your chances of have a healthier well-being and complexion as a result. She absolutely loves this type of yoga and swears by it. While I’m not personally a fan of yoga, I do know many people that feel completely out of place when they’re deprived of their yoga sessions.

Wear Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Once again, we’re back discussing something related to the sun. Julianne wears sunscreen. Specifically, she likes to wear a moisturizer that contains SPF. If all that she can get her hands on is a love SPF 15, then she settles for that. Heck, anything is better than nothing right.

Well, as you can see those are all pretty much free tricks that can help improve your skin. If you’re focused on keeping your skin healthy looking then this might be what you want to do. I’d say take action and do all of it. You’ve got nothing to lose given the cost.

Free Skin Care Tricks From Julianne Moore!
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