Fraxel is a very popular solution for helping one cure their skin damage. It’s a treatment that’s gained popularity over the years through the use of laser technology in order to rejuvenate and revive your natural skin.  It may not be one of the hottest skin procedures today, but it’s definitely not far behind them.

There are currently two types of procedures:  fraxel repair, and fraxel dual.

Our own editor and skin care specialist, Gina, recently got the Fraxel Dual treatment.  Here are photos of the procedure where you can track her progress.

Watch this quick video to hear her talk about it and watch the procedure first hand:

Fraxel Dual Review

Fraxel Dual
Before and after pics of Fraxel Dual.

Let’s face it, your skin is going to age whether you like it or not. You will eventually have drooping skin. You will get sun spots, wrinkles, and even some facial scarring if you’ve had bad acne. However, the treatment may be the answer to your problems. It may just be the perfect answer to fighting off all those pesky aging signs. However, before taking any action with any skin procedure, you must first understand exactly how it works if you want to go through with the procedure.

fraxel treatment
Fraxel laser treatment taking place.

How Does Fraxel Work?

Curious how it works? Here’s how it goes down. Fraxel repair is a laser repair treatment that uses what’s known as a fractional laser to treat skin issues that exist beneath the surface of your skin. Fraxel works to target specific spots on your body. It’s very similar to thermage treatment in a sense that both treatments work on improving the lower layers of one’s skin. The difference is that this type of treatment does a better job at targeting and it uses a laser versus radiofrequency.

The laser used in Fraxel treatment is designed to literally cause damage to the microscopic layers of your skin. What happens is that the damage produces growth spurts of collagen and the substance basically assists in helping keep your skin more elastic.

Many individuals are hesitant about getting this type of treatment due to the fact that the technology is so new and that it involves creating further damage to the skin. They don’t trust the process or concept enough. However, the same people don’t think twice about getting plastic surgery to correct anything because they are able to fully understand what the results of the procedure are going to be.

To those that still don’t understand how the process works, I have to say that Fraxel treatment is safe enough to have been FDA approved for various skin treatments and it has been used on many patients with some level of success. One must always remember that the level of severity varies from patient to patient and some treatments may work better for others. The specific skin condition you are trying to address matters as well.

Skin Conditions Fraxel Repair Works For

This type of skin repair can work on my different skin conditions. The most common and likely those that yield the best results are issues that typically arise such as aging and wrinkles. For examples, skin weathering is a typical condition that this treatment can take care of as well as scars that might arise.

The treatment works on acne scars and scars from surgery. These types of scars respond well to the treatment because they are so spot-specific. It is easy to treat them when they are that easy to target and they respond pretty well when that happens.

Fraxel treatment is also known for being good for skin resurfacing issues. Certain working environments can make use really looked aged and weathered. At times, you may not even feel your actual age. Sun, air, dirt and other pollutants can really damage your skin. The same can occur from unnatural things such as smoking, drinking too much and even too much stress. The treatment has been approved to by the FDA to treat all these symptoms in hopes of making your skin look healthier and younger looking.

Getting Treatment

The actual treatment is considered to be an outpatient treatment and it’s relatively quick to get done. The entire procedure takes less than 2 hours to get done and that even includes the prep time considered. That actual laser treatment only takes about a half hour with most of the treatment going to prep time.

If you are scared that the treatment is going to hurt, I can say that you have nothing to be scared about. It’s virtually painless and although you may need multiple sessions for best results, it’s an easy process. The procedure does definitely cause micro damage to the underlying tissue and it does need time to recover in order for the process to take place. Just make sure you take time (a week) to give your skin ample recovery time when you do get the procedure done.

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