Four Foods That Totally Beat Up Your Skin


While we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable of the best things to do for your skin, we also do our best to cover things that aren’t so good. If you’re planning on eating today, which you need to do to survive, then I suggest you avoid the following foods I’ve shared below. What many people don’t realize is that consuming certain foods can destroy your skin. These few that I’ve mentioned are best to be avoided at all costs. They’re not going to do your skin any favors.

bad foods for skin

Foods To Avoid If You Want Nice Skin

Below is a list of foods that we would never recommend you consume, ever. Well, unless it’s your birthday and you want to splurge or something. Other than that, we wouldn’t recommend consuming them. Don’t worry, we’ll share all the reasons why below.

Food #1: Alcohol

While it’s not a solid food, it’s definitely terrible enough to mention. Consuming too much alcohol is bad for your body in general. There’s no question about whether or not alcohol makes you age faster, it most certainly does and it can in fact kill you if you consume too much of it. Too much booze results in hangovers and as a result, you end up with a dehydrated body and ultimately dehydrated skin. This leads to lines, wrinkles, and even outbreaks. Having a glass of wine from time to time is fine but keep it to a minimum.

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Food #2: Sugar

Unless it’s your birthday, I suggest you avoid sugar and all foods containing a lot of sugar. Consuming foods that contain a lot of processed sugars can result in acne breakouts. Not to mention, consuming a lot of sugar can make you overweight, which is bad for your health n general.

Food #3: Salt

This can be found on just about every kitchen table in America. It’s one of those ingredients that many people use too much of and they often exceed the recommended daily limit. Too much salt can do a lot of things to your skin. It can lead to really puffy eyes. Consuming a lot of salt results in water retention. Your face will look puffy, bloated and more. This isn’t so much a problem when you’re young but for those that are much old, it can really destroy your skin and make you look terrible.

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Food #4: Shellfish

I’m the biggest fan of oysters. In fact, you won’t find another oyster fan bigger than myself. However, I know to keep shellfish consumption to a minimum. The main reason you want to keep your shellfish consumption down is is because of the high level of iodine. If you’re prone to breaking out with acne, then eating shellfish can increase the chances of those breakouts.

Now, I hate to end blog posts on a negative note, so instead of telling you to not consumer these foods ever, I’m going to suggest that you just do your best to moderate your intake. You can indulge from time to time but save it for special occasions. Your skin and body will be grateful for your efforts.

Four Foods That Totally Beat Up Your Skin
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