Foods I Always Avoid, Even On The Weekends (You Should Too)


I don’t know how else to put this other than just coming out and saying it. When it comes to food, I’m a bit of a snob. There are certain restaurants that I won’t touch if they offered me a free meal. It’s not just restaurants, but individual foods as well. What can I say, that’s just who I am.

Now, I’m a firm believer in fueling your body with the right energy to perform best. When I eat, I don’t simply think about my physique and mind, but my skin as well. Some people think that they’re doing their body good by consuming certain foods, yet they don’t’ realize what type of damage they’re doing to their skin.

We all know that a well-balanced diet is a stepping stone for a great body, but most don’t realize that it also plays a significant role in healthy skin. If you eat good, your skin will have a better chance of looking good. If you eat bad, your skin will look bad. Certain foods are much worse than others and I’m going to do my best to cover them here with you.

foods that are horrible for your skin

Foods You Must Avoid At All Costs (For Skin’s Sake)

I’m going to give you a crash course on the foods which I always avoid without thinking twice. I suggest you put forth some effort to avoid these foods listed directly below. You’ll find that your skin and body will love you for doing so.

You’ll Never Catch Me Eating Fast Food

I won’t be caught dead chugging down a regular Coke, fried chicken from KFC, a cheeseburger from McDonald’s, or anything of that nature. There’s a reason why all this food is so cheap and it’s because it offers nothing be bad things. Consuming fast food is like fueling your body and skin with garbage. It’s horrible and is the worst thing you can do for your health.

Full disclosure, I love eating a freshly made high-quality burger but I avoid fast food chains at all costs. Not only will these make you gain a ton of weight, they’ll also clog your pores, limit blood circulation, cause bacteria to build up on your skin and encourage acne development. Next time you go to gas down a few big macs and a large fry, think about what I’ve just shared with you. Feel free to enjoy but don’t ask me, I’m not interested.

Excessive Caffeine Drinks

Sure, I like a cup of coffee in the morning but I don’t drink it all day long. I also am not the type to drink caffeinated soft drinks and energy drinks daily either. People that consume too much caffeine often have issues with their skin. By issues, I mean it looks dull and even thin at times.

There’s a simple reason for this to happen. When you consume too much caffeine, your stress levels go through the roof. As you do, cortisol gets released which is a hormone that you don’t want to have to deal with. The releasing of this hormone is what may lead to thin skin, aging too quickly and a dull looking epidermis.

Never Use Artificials

I do my best to avoid consuming things that contain artificial coloring, preservatives, and things of that nature. Products that have a label full of ingredients I can’t understand, I typically avoid. Most of those ingredients do nothing for your skin or body. In fact, it’s more common for them to cause inflammation and allergic reactions to your skin than anything.

Alcohol Is Terrible For You

One other thing that I do my best to avoid is alcohol. You’ll never catch me sitting around my house on a week night drinking a beer. Not a chance in hell. It’s got to be a really special occasion for me to even drink any alcohol during the week, period.

There are some people that drink every single day. Take a close look at their skin and body. My guess is that they look older than they should. It’s the alcohol that’s destroying them from the inside out. If you’re going to drink, have a glass of red wine and only one or two at that.

Well, I hate to end on a sour note given that it’s the weekend and all but put forth a little effort to change your eating and consumption habits. I promise that your body will be very grateful if you do so. Have a nice weekend!

Foods I Always Avoid, Even On The Weekends (You Should Too)
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