Foods That Can Destroy That Perfect Skin Of Yours


I love eating good food. I think most people love it actually! Well, unfortunately, some of your favorite foods may be destroying your skin. After doing a little bit of research, I’ve determined which foods may be the culprit. I suggest you put the utensils down and keep reading.

foods that are bad for your skin

These Foods Are Bad For Your Skin

The following foods are considered to be bad for your skin. If your skin care regimen is flawless and you are doing everything you’ve been told in order to keep your skin healthy, then you need to look at the other factors that might be to blame. One of those factors is food.


I hate to say it, but yes, chocolate can definitely have an impact on your skin. I guess it depends on the article that you read. Some believe that dark chocolate is good for your skin while others feel the perfectly tasting goody can cause a lot of skin trouble. Unfortunately, According to Natasha Burton from, chocolate has the tendency to increase the production of interleukin-1b which has been known to increase inflammation and lower your immune system. Creating the perfect environment for pimples.

Drop The Bread

I know that this one hurts just as bad as the chocolate, but you need to put down the sandwich. Search engine giant, Yahoo, recently published an article stating that the wheat in bread can cause inflammation. Inflammation in the body can lead to the formation of zits.

Too Much Dairy
dairy and cheeseSome people think cheese (in general) is bad for you but it’s actually the consumption of dairy as a whole that may be bad for your skin. I know, it’s the worst news that you’ve heard all week. The American Academy of Dermatology did some research on this and they determined that a link may exist between your daily dairy consumption and breaking out. It may have something to due specifically with the hormones in your body. Try dropping the dairy and see what happens.

Peanut Butter
peanut butterI absolutely love peanut butter and peanuts. I grew up on this fun food and basically lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a kid. Well, it turns out that peanut butter may contain a specific hormone known as an androgen. The androgen is said to possibly increase sebum production which in turn can make your skin oily. The good news is that I’m just referring to peanut butter here. You’ve got other alternatives such as almond butter that your can enjoy.

If you’re breaking out and you have checked everything out other than your food, I’d suggest you look closely at your diet.

Foods That Can Destroy That Perfect Skin Of Yours
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