FOLS For Men Review

FOLS for Men Natural Skincare products

There are so many different brands of skincare products out there. For the most part, they are slanted towards women. It is generally considered that men do the bare minimum when it comes to taking care of their skin, but that is not always the case. There is certainly a stigma that comes along with a man keeping his appearance up in such a way, rightly or wrongly.

FOLS For Men is a brand that “made by men for men” and has the goal of making all-natural skincare products available for males that they won’t be embarrassed or ashamed to use.

What is FOLS For Men?

FOLS is the brainchild of Pedro Diaz, who wanted to make skincare products with natural ingredients that will keep men looking like they’re in their 20’s for the rest of their life (related: skincare products for men turning 40!). Additionally, FOLS has the mission of improving the lives of every one of their customers – whether it be directly through their products or by their community, helping their customers become better people in every facet of their lives.

I love a company that has a strong purpose and mission statements like that. They aren’t just out there to cash in and make a buck. They have a sincere desire to take care of their customers, and I can respect that. There aren’t enough companies out there that think this consciously, especially in the skin care industry. Everyone just seems to chase whatever is trending for the sole purpose of profit.

What FOLS Offers

As these products are made for men, you can expect that a lot of them are geared towards shaving and facial care. The following products are offered on their website:

  • Cedarwood Natural Facial Moisturizer for Men
  • Lavender & Aloe Vera After Shave Skin Repair Gel
  • Face Wash Lime
  • Facial Care Travel Kit
  • Skincare Travel Kit

natural skincare kit from FOLS For Men

To get the best deal on their products, it is wise to go with either of the kids. I picked up the Skincare Kit for my hubby and he is absolutely loving their products. The Facial Care Travel Kit comes with the Lime Face Wash and the Cedarwood Face Moisturizer. The Skincare Travel Kit comes with both of those plus the Lavender and Aloe Vera Post Shave Gel.

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I’ve been telling my man to use a moisturizer for years. His idea of taking care of his skin is splashing his face with water at the end of the day, maybe scrubbing a bit with a washcloth. His skin had begun to get dry and dull, and I’d been pleading with him to start using products. Finally, I bit the bullet and purchased this for him. He has been religiously using the face wash and moisturizer every night. He also uses after-shave after he does his grooming. I must say, his skin has never looked better!

I asked him what he likes about it and he said that it rubs in very easily, and doesn’t leave his skin feeling oily or greasy afterward. He’s not one to notice the improvement in the health of his skin, but trust me, I’ve noticed!

If your man is hesitant to start using skincare products, I highly recommend picking up one of these kits. It’s made a follower out of my man!

FOLS For Men Review
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