Five Tip Friday: Boost Your Skin With These Tips


It’s Friday and I’m in an incredible mood! I felt it was only right for me to share some solid tips with you and give you five tips that will help you achieve better looking skin and perhaps overall better health. Don’t take them lightly because I rarely to do this. Just kidding! I love giving advice and that’s part of the reason why I give so much advice to the readers for the best price possible…FREE!

better looking skin tips
Wear Sunglasses That Protect Against UVB and UVA

Five Tips To Better Looking Skin

If you’ve been working to the bone this week and you’re absolutely exhausted, well, why don’t you do your skin a favor and take some action on one of the tips below. Let’s start with some sun fun shopping.

Invest In Good Sunglasses

I know that you’re looking for an excuse to pick up a cool new pair of shades for the summer right? Well, now is your chance! You’ve finally got a great excuse to do so. Nothing makes more sense in the name of good health. Invest in a nice pair of sunglasses that provide both UVA and UVB protection. Don’t buy any cheap pair from 7-eleven or the quickie mart either. Those won’t have what you need. You might ask why you need these killer shades. Well, not wearing sunglasses that protect your skin means that you’re going to be squinting and guess what, squinting is bad for your skin because it causes wrinkles. UVA and UVB rays damage the thin skin around your eyes. You don’t want to look all old and wrinkly due to not wearing an awesome accessory right?

Start Taking Probiotics

I know, some people don’t believe in probiotics, but I definitely do. My twin sister swears by them and I’ve seen great improvement since consuming probiotics. I just really feel healthier overall. Probiotics are great because they slow the aging process, reduce inflammation and even protect your body against free radicals and damage that can be caused by the sun. Don’t want to pop a pill? No problem, just consume a product that contains probiotics. Yogurt is a great source. You won’t start seeing results over night but you can thank me next month.

Drink Green Tea

Want to up your anti aging game? Start drinking green tea. The antioxidants in green tea are great for your skin and they keep it looking healthy. Well, at least they keep it looking healthier than coffee does. Coffee is great for other reasons, but green tea wins it when it comes to staying young looking.

Clean More

If you’re one of those people that are just too lazy to wash their face, then I urge you to start doing it more. Some people in this world just don’t have good hygiene and they can’t bring themselves to religiously wash their face at night or in the morning. Start creating good cleaning habit and you can thank me later.

You Must Layer

I dare you to start layering your skin care steps. I’m almost positive that you’ll notice a difference when it comes to your complexion in due time. There are certain things that you can do in a strict order that most don’t take care in doing. They spend time using one product and call it a day. Don’t do that! Get a routine down and kick you skin care habits into high gear.

Those are my tips for Friday! I hope you have a fun and safe weekend!

Five Tip Friday: Boost Your Skin With These Tips
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