Five Most Common Skin Rashes Kids Get


If you’ve got kids, then chances are they’ve come crying to you or at least they’d complained about a skin rash or two. Kids are exposed to so much and their skin basically acts as a shield to protect them from bacteria and things of that nature. Children’s skin can get extremely irritated at times. It can often get blotchy, inflamed, itchy and more. Sensitive skin is really common in kids today. If you’re not familiar with what to look for then you will be soon. I’m going to share the top five most common skin rashes that kids get and that parents ultimately have to deal with.

Skin Rashes In Kids

5 Skin Rashes That Kids Have To Deal With

Here’s a rundown of the most common skin rashes and issues that little kids tend to deal with. Some of these are extremely easy to control, while others are much more painful and difficult to get rid of. Here’s a list of those that I hear about the most from parents today.


Getting hives as a kid is extremely common. It’s mostly caused by a virus. It can also be your kid’s body’s way of reacting to an allergen that they’ve come in contact with. What happens here is that histamine gets released, causing annoying red and very itchy bumps to form. Some kids break out in hives all over their body while others only break out in a localized manner.

This type of rash usually shows up within a few minutes or even a few hours. It’s almost always within a 24 hour period. Treating hives typically require that your child takes Benadryl or some type of antihistamine to reduce the inflammation. If things get bad and your child has trouble breathing, then call 911 immediately!

Contact Dermatitis

Next up is the infamous contact dermatitis. This is basically a rash that forms due to coming in contact with some type of skin irritant or an allergen. Contact dermatitis is very red, scaly and is often spotted in a localized spot on your body. Almost anything can kickstart this and it’s almost always from detergents, fragrances or a type of food that they’ve come in contact with.

Treating this type of dermatitis is pretty easy. You’ll want to keep an eye on it and document whether or not it spreads. In the event that the skin rash gets worse, you’ll want to apply cortisone cream to help clear things up.


The third common skin rash in kids is called eczema. It’s a condition that impacts more than 15% of kids today. Basically, what happens is that your child’s skin is not able to successfully retain moisture. Irritants gain control and your skin becomes inflamed, dry, and very unpleasant. This can be an inherited trait which unfortunately is just something that you’ll have to deal with!

If you kids skin looks raised or scaly and they are complaining about being itchy, then you’ve got yourself an issue. Certain things like stress, clothing, chemicals and other things can cause breakouts to occur. The best thing to do is try to determine if your kid has eczema. In the event that they do, then you’ll want to take precautions to better manage the condition. Keep their skin moisturized at all times when possible. Apply a steroid cream such as cortisone when necessary.

Heat Rashes

Have you ever heard of prickly heat? Of course, you have. Another term for this is something called heat rash or sweat rash. Basically, what happens is your children’s skin becomes extremely hot and it has a problem ventilating. Sweat then gets stuck under your skin and it gets red and bumpy. Heat rash can show up at any time really.

The good news is that heat rash isn’t anything too serious. Typically, this type of rash goes away on its own in children.


ChappingĀ or in I should say, chapped skin, is super common in kids. This happens especially during the winter months. The cold air and the wind can literally dry your skin out completely. The end result is your child has dry skin that’s sore and extremely uncomfortable.

Severe cases of this condition will cause your kid’s skin to bleed, making them susceptible towards an infection of some sort. Trust me, infection is not what you want to happen and it could be the worst thing to have to deal with. That said, if you want to treat chapped skin then you need to have the necessary tools available to do so. I’m talking about a using moisturizer, lip balm, petroleum jelly and other types of substances that can help lock in moisture!

If you’re having issues with controlling your kid’s skin, then I suggest you switch to a brand that’s meant for kids. Try using soaps and lotions made by California Baby. They are all-natural and free from any harmful chemicals. The other thing that I’d recommend you doing is keeping a log of any skin issues that you notice. Doing so will help you best communicate your issues with a dermatologist or pediatrician should it be necessary to connect with one.

Five Most Common Skin Rashes Kids Get
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