Fire Ant Venom Can Cure Your Skin Problems, Maybe…


When you hear someone talking about skin care, the last thing you are thinking of is fire ants, right? Well, that might change as of today! I’m sure if you watched any coverage on the infamous Hurricane Harvey then you likely saw the piles of fire ants floating on the water. These fire ant floats were massive and some people likely cringe at the thought of them.

Fire ant venom

Not everyone cringes…

Some people are smiling ear to ear thinking about them and my guess is that they are primarily the scientist. Here’s why…

Based on some of the research that’s been conducted recently, it’s been said that fire ants may be able to help calm the nerves within your skin. Well, it’s the venom that does the trick, not the ant. In fact, according to this article, fire ant venom may be able to treat psoriasis better.

Based on the research, it seems as though the fire ant venom plays a role in reducing the thickness of skin and inflammation. While this study was done on mice, it’s possible that humans could have the same effect.

But Why Fire Ants?

Well, it all has to do with this toxin known as solenopsins. Supposedly they share a close resemblance to ceramides which is an ingredient commonly found in popular skin care products today.

It’s quite possible that this toxic substance may play a prominent role in fighting psoriasis in many patients. Now, don’t expect patients to be covered in fire ants or anything like that. An approach like that would be simply mad! Hey, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have been done in the past, it’s just that we’ve evolved too much for something as crazy as that to happen.

All that being said, do yourself a solid and continue to avoid those fire ant hills. There’s no need to go rolling around in it just to treat your psoriasis just yet. It’s still too early to determine whether that’s the ticket or not. My guess is that it’s not.

This isn’t the first use of venom that we’ve heard of in terms of treating skin. In fact, there are many other types of venom and strange ingredients derived from animals and insects that we’ve used over the years. One of the ingredients is snake venom.┬áThere is an ingredient known as Syn-ake which is a synthetic form of snake venom. It’s used to help paralyze the muscles within your face and skin tissue. This prevents your muscles from spasming and contracting. As a result, fewer lines and wrinkles form over time. You can read more about this synthetic ingredient here in this article.

Another venom on the skin care market is bee venom. Entrepreneur Maria Hatzistefanis introduced this ingredient into the skin care market back in 1999. She combined bee venom and other unique ingredients to form products that were unreplicable at the time.

Her products contain exotic and unique ingredients, but they come at a hefty price. Sure, it’s a lot cheaper than getting plastic surgery but you best bring your wallet! She bootstrapped this company to a strong $16M in annual sales just last year. Learn more about Rodial products and if your wallet can stomach the hit, then go for it!

Fire Ant Venom Can Cure Your Skin Problems, Maybe…
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