Fill And Freeze

Have you heard of Fill and Freeze? Well, it’s a Derm Exclusive product that you may have or may not have seen on TV. If you haven’t seen it, then I suggest you educate yourself on what this skin gel actually does and whether or not it’s effective. This product has been marketed to millions of individuals across the would. It’s most widely promoted by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Andrew Ordon.

fill and freeze reviewWhat Is Fill And Freeze?

The Fill and Freeze product is revolutionary, according to the company that created it. Derm Exclusive wants you to think that it’s the best wrinkle treatment on the market and what a better way than to introduce celebs that back the product.

However, I must warn you before purchasing Fill and Freeze, you should take a few moments to read the reviews that consumers have written. What you will find is that many of them are not too pleased with the results of using this product. In fact, some have gone as far to state that it’s just not that helpful, period. If you are seriously in search for a wrinkle tightening product that is a topical cream which can be applied at home. Then I urge you to contact your dermatologist before purchasing Fill and Freeze. Don’t be afraid to ask if you should expect Botox-like results from using the product. Your dermatologist is going to know better than anyone if this product works. He or she will assess your personal situation and will provide solid feedback as to whether or not this product is for you.


Fill and Freeze Review

If you do a quick search online, you are going to find a number of reviews on Fill and Freeze which have been written by quite a few consumers. Some of the consumers have raved about the product while others have literally bashed it beyond belief due to disappointment and a total lack of results. What you need to understand is why the product reviews vary so much. The wide range of satisfaction is completely understandable and I’m going to share exactly why.

The Fill and Freeze product, along with other Derm Exclusive products are being marketed by a number of different skin care distributors. They have endorsements from popular plastic surgeons as well as widely recognized celebrities. This marketing approach can quite often leave consumers with the highest expectations you could think of. They see a celebrity or professional promoting a product so they automatically assume that they product works well and results will yield those of professional standards. The problem here is that some of the celebrities may not even use the product. They may simply endorse it for monetary reasons. Another problem is that each individual has a different skin “fingerprint” which means that we are each unique when it comes to treating our skin. Severity varies as does the age, wear, and tear, and even stubbornness of our skin.

That said, if you come across an extremely negative review, you should keep in mind that the consumer may have expected celebrity level results or professional results that one would expect from seeing a plastic surgeon. If Fill and Freeze i more effective in treating wrinkles versus Botox then there would be no Botox today. People would much rather apply a topical cream versus getting treated with needles. Botox would no longer exist.

You may come across some extremely positive reviews giving glowing praise to Fill and Freeze. What you need to realize with these is that those writing the glowing reviews may not actually have deep wrinkles. In the event that they do not have deep wrinkles, it’s quite possible that the basic ingredients of Fill and Freeze (lactic acid and peptides) are enough to reduce the wrinkles. Always be somewhat skeptical when you read skin care product reviews that you find online because you never know the individuals skin condition.

Where To Buy It

If you are interested in purchasing Fill and Freeze you can start by either visiting or any online marketplace. You may come across the Derm Exclusive skin care kit which retails at $39.95 and should you choose to purchase that product you will find that it comes with Fill and Freeze.

You can also purchase Fill and Freeze in a single tube. This will cost you about $40 for a tube and often times you will get a bonus tube when purchasing this product. I must warn you to read the fine print before purchasing to ensure that you are not enrolling in a subscription based service. If so, you will continue to be billed and sent the product for months until you cancel.


This product contains various ingredients which are proven to help reduce wrinkles and repair your skin. You will find peptides, lactic acid, citric acid, capric acid and more in this product. All of which do various things to your skin only to improve them. Whether or not you will be able to drastically improve your skin is another question. Please note, this product does not contain the highly sought after muscle relaxant that gets administered when getting Botox shots.

Using Fill and Freeze

Always wash both your hands and face before applying Fill and Freeze. This will assist in further penetrating your skin. All you need to do is apply a small drop of the gel to the areas which you have the most wrinkles. It can be applied under your eyes and on crows feet.

However, be sure to consult with a physician or dermatologist before you start using this product. There may be other products that they recommend you use versus this. They will also fill you in on the side effects of using the product.


Fill And Freeze
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  1. Where can I purchase “Freeze & Fill” by Exclusive derm? I understand that has discontinued the Exclusive derm line of products. The best!

    Thanks for your help,
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