Ferulic Acid

Not sure what ferulic acid is? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one out there that’s unfamiliar with this. It’s something that occurs naturally and is often found in seeds as well as plants throughout the world. You’ll find this ingredient in foods such as wheat, oats, and even rice. It’s not uncommon to find this in veggies and fruits as well. More specifically, it can be found in parsley, grapes, rhubarb and more.

This is a very powerful antioxidant that can help your body in many different ways. Some of the properties that it has are closely associated with slowing the aging process. Hence, why you’ll find this in many cosmetic products and skin care products as well.

There are compounds out there similar to ferulic acid, such as hydroxycinnamic acids, which are frequently found playing key roles as active ingredients in many sunscreen products. Both of these antioxidants help protect your skin from harmful rays.

ferulic acid review
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Ferulic Acid And Caring For Your Skin

Before you go using any skin product regardless of the ingredients that it contains, you’ve got to do your research and understand just how it works. Any other approach is one that just doesn’t work. That being said, I’m going to give you an idea as to how ferulic acid works.

If you’re looking to fight off free radicals, then you’re in luck. Ferulic acid does a killer job of fighting the impact that free radicals have on your skin. These free radicals are the main reason why so many people end up prematurely looking older than they should. It’s the reason why they develop wrinkles under their eyes, lines on their face, crows feet and many other signs of aging.

Sure, this type of thing is bound to happen as it’s part of life but with proper care and protection, you can prevent aging as well as skin cancer development. Which we all know is extremely serious.

Here’s what these free radicals do. The first thing they do they destroy your collagen and reduce production. This same collagen production is what keeps your skin tight and wrinkle-free. These things also reduce the elastin levels in your skin. Why does this matter? Because it’s the piece of the puzzle that prevents your skin from sagging.

For those that like to compare ingredients and compounds, I’d like to mention that ferulic acid is said to be more powerful than other ingredients which fight free radicals such as vitamin E, beta carotene, and vitamin C. However, combining the ingredients makes things that much more powerful.

How It’s Applied To Skin Care

With regards to what’s available on the market today, you will not find many products that contain ferulic acid. Reason being is that this ingredient is more expensive to incorporate into formulas than some of the alternative ingredients available. The skin creams, facial serums, and moisturizing gels that do contain ferulic acid are those that you would likely come across at a high-end department store such as Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue.

There are options out there for those looking to try this ingredient out. Be on the lookout for formulas that contain both ferulic acid as well as vitamin E and/or vitamin C. The combination of all these ingredients in a solution that one can apply topically may be the best way to test this ingredient out. You’ll quickly know whether or not it’s for you or not.

Ferulic acid is used to help fix skin that’s extra dry of flaky even. Combining ferulic acid with vitamins C and E helps to better stabilize the vitamins, making it more effective.

Making the vitamins more stable makes them more powerful and potent, allowing them to better protect your skin from harmful rays. It also helps to stimulate the production of collagen. The overall result of using this formula is fewer chances of acquiring sunspots, less aging signs, fewer chances of getting cancer.

Are you trying to whiten your skin? If so, then this may help. Ferulic acid actually acts as a whitener. If you’re fighting uneven skin tone, sun spots, aging spots, and other conditions which cause you skin to look splotchy, then you might want to give this a try.

The Side Effects of Ferulic Acid

There are lots of side effects to using any skin care product, especially if you are unfamiliar with the product. The good news is that there are not any known side effects of using ferulic acid in a topical skin cream or serum. The main concern or issue is whether or not you have some sort of allergy to wheat or barley or even corn. In the event that you are even slightly unsure, I’d strongly suggest testing an area of your skin before using the product. A better idea would be to have a dermatologist confirm that your skin is capable of handling this ingredient in a positive manner.

In the event that you are even slightly unsure, I’d strongly suggest testing an area of your skin before using the product. A better idea would be to have a dermatologist confirm that your skin is capable of handling this ingredient in a positive manner.

Buying Products Containing Ferulic Acid

There are many options out there if you wish to purchase products that contain ferulic acid. Though there aren’t as many as you’d hope, they do exist. The main place that I suggest checking is going to the local Norstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Ave to see if they carry any products containing this ingredient. In the event that they do, don’t buy the product right then and there.

Instead, do yourself a favor and look into the other ingredients that it contains. You’ll find that many of the formulas also contain lots of potent active ingredients that can help your skin. My advice would be to purchase the one that has the most active ingredients that you’re familiar with. Sure, you can always ask an employee at the store but sometimes they just want to push product on you.

Ferulic Acid
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