Female Rapper Lil’ Kim Sparks Controversy Over Skin Bleaching


If you’re my age or older then you probably remember the days when Biggie Smalls and Lil’ Kim used to rap about each other. Well, turns out Lil’ Kim is back in the spotlight. However, this time, it’s not for busting a few good rhymes. She’s got the lights on her today and it’s all over an incident that people are pointing figures about. Yes, it has to do with her skin.

lil kim skin bleaching
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Lil’ Kim Unrecognizable Because Due To Skin Bleaching

The female rapper is without a doubt one of the most talented female rappers on this planet. However, she’s not being recognized one bit for her musical talents. That’s because of what she’s recently done to her skin.

Lil’ Kim posted a picture of herself on her Instagram feed and many of her fans are accusing her of attempting to look “white” which obviously rejects her true skin color.

The people that were interviewed by Pix11 about the situation didn’t think any differently. Many African Americans are speaking out about the issue and they are letting their voices be heard. This isn’t the first time that an African American was called out for their skin treatments and conditions.

Now you’re probably questioning why I’m even reporting on this. Well, truth be told, I’m not reporting because of the racial issues that this may be causing Lil’ Kim and those that are involved. I’m reporting this because I think it’s important that people understand that skin bleaching isn’t a 100% safe procedure. In fact, skin bleaching is known to cause serious problems.

Overuse of any of the products can put you at risk of getting cancer. It’s also been known to result in drier skin and has even left those who undergo the procedure with a blue tint in their skin.

Whether you are a Lil’ Kim supporter or not, it’s truly best to avoid bleaching your skin and only doing so when completely necessary.

Here’s a video of the story and interviews that took place.

Female Rapper Lil’ Kim Sparks Controversy Over Skin Bleaching
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