Female Face Shaving For Better Looking Skin? You Guessed It!


Many females are turning to razor blades today in an attempt to achieve smoother and better-looking skin. They’re doing to this to improve their beauty care regimen as well. Blogger Zoe Foster-Blake recently took the time to share her shaving experience with the world. She posted a photo of herself and an explanation of what she had done.

female face shaving

Females Are Shaving To Help Improve Their Skin

No, she didn’t do it herself, this was a professional procedure that she had done. The proper term for this treatment is dermaplaning. This is literally the shaving of the tiny facial hairs using a single blade. The cost of the treatment typically runs around $100 per session. It can certainly have a positive impact on your skin for a few reasons. For starters, it may help skin care products better penetrate your skin. It also makes your skin feel insanely smooth (due to being completely hairless).

This treatment also helps exfoliate, brighten, even, and reduce inflammation in your skin. You may think that this is something totally new but it’s been around for years. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have been using blades to perform this type of treatment for decades.

You can’t use your own basic Mach3 razor to perform this treatment. Nope, you’ll need to use a specific patented razor blade that does a great job of removing dead skin cells and hair from the face, both of which impact the makeup application process as well as product penetration.

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Should you be interested in getting a dermaplaning treatment, I suggest you speak with your local dermatologist to get more information on the procedure. Be sure that you’ve set aside roughly an hour for the procedure to be completed.

The good news is that the treatment is a non-invasive process that can have you looking better in less than 60 minutes. The results are pretty much immediate for the most part. Some people will likely shun this treatment in fear of growing back stubble on their face. Those that are stressed about that, you have nothing to worry about. The hair being removed during this procedure will grow back at the same consistency.

One thing I should mention is that when getting dermaplaning treatment, you should do your best to avoid applying stimulating or exfoliating products for 72 hours and it’s imperative that you apply sunscreen to protect the skin. Don’t try this at home unless you’ve done it before, you may do more harm than good if you do. Go see a specialist.

Is this the strangest treatment that we’ve seen? No way, not even close! We’ve literally come across thousands of treatments that are far more strange than this treatment. Many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian get weird skin treatments for various reasons, one of which I would assume is to discover a super effective secret treatment of some soft, I don’t really know.

Have any special treatments that you swear by? Then share them with us! Who knows, we may even pay for your next treatment if you share everything about the process with us. Honestly, it wouldn’t be the first time we did this, so take advantage of the opportunity!

Female Face Shaving For Better Looking Skin? You Guessed It!
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