Faith’s Naturals Skin Care From Boston Is Growing Locally


It’s not every day that I have the opportunity to speak with a fellow Boston native who’s involved in the skin care industry. I always love speaking with Boston business owners whenever possible and thanks to a mutual connection, I was able to connect with the owner of Faith’s Naturals, a local skin care line that started in Massachusetts. I took some time to speak with the creator and owner the other day in order to get a better understanding of what she does and how she got started. Keep reading to learn more about Faithlyn and her brand.

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Faith’s Naturals Beauty

Faith’s Naturals Gains Traction In The Urban Boston Market

Having attended college right in Boston, MA off of Huntington Ave., I was curious to learn more about this skin care brand and what it was all about. I got a chance to speak with Faithlyn and she was a pleasure to speak with. We spoke about life, the industry and her brand.

The brand was created by Faithlyn Scarlett and the specific brand name and company is called “Faith’s Naturals.” Her slogan is “Where Nature Meets Beauty.”

After she revealed that she was from Boston, Massachusetts, I wanted to get more of the scoop on what she was doing to build things up and grow her skin care line. We went through a quick Q&A session that I think you’ll find rather interesting, especially if you have any interest in creating your own line of products. The text in bold are the questions I asked Faithlyn followed by each of her responses.

What made you start a skin care line?

Faith’s Naturals was born out of pure necessity. For two main reasons really. The first reason  was because as a very young child, I had suffered dearly with chickenpox and as a result I had awful looking scars that were left behind. Fast forward many years, as an adult, I refused to wear short skirts or strapless dress due to the scars.

After spending hundreds of dollars on products in hopes of getting rid of the marks, it wasn’t until I began researching and making my own products that I experienced first-hand amazing results and for the very first time in my life. The second reason due to my son suffering from eczema.

After trying everything suggested, both medicated and over the counter products, nothing seemed to rid his skin of this terrible issue, one day after breaking down in his doctor’s office due to a severe breakout, I decided to try something.  That night I applied my moisturizing body butter to his skin and I was shocked he was less itchy and he slept great. I started sharing the products with friends and family word of mouth spread and here we are living and loving my passion of creating natural skin care products.

What’s your background in, tell me a little about yourself?

I was born in Jamaica, so I was always exposed to nature and was taught what herbs were good for treating skin issues as well as many other health related issues. I worked in a medical office obtaining authorizations for MRIs before doing any of this.

Are the products all natural?

Yes, at Faith’s Naturals we use all natural ingredients.

Do you handle all the manufacturing?

Yes, I handle all manufacturing, from start to finish, including packaging and labeling each item. I do this to keep costs down which allows me to better focus on purchasing the best natural ingredients possible.

What are some of the most popular skin care ingredients that you’re using these days?

The most popular ingredients I am using right now, are argan oil, marula oil, kukui oil, emu oil, almond oil, avocado oil. All of which seem to be very popular in the industry today.

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What’s your most popular product and why do you think it’s most popular?

One of the most popular item right now is the natural deodorant. Why? Well, because it’s aluminum free, leaves no stains, helps get rid of dark underarm marks.  It’s available in a jar as well as the traditional tub. It goes on creamy when applied. The jar form is excellent because you can apply it anywhere that you desire, hitting all spots on your body necessary.

Any future plans for the brand? Where do you see things five years from now?

I want to be able to get these products in as many retail store locations and as many chains as possible. In five years, I would like to have a natural spa setup where customers are able to enjoy all our products while getting facials, massages and other treatments on location.

Where can the be purchased?

If you are interested in purchasing the products, you can purchase Faith’s Naturals on our website by clicking here. They are also available for purchase locally at Essential Body Herbs located at 1282 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan, MA 02126 as well as their sister location at 30 Warren St., Roxbury, MA 02119.

How can some contact you if they are interested in the products or if they have questions?

I can be contacted on the website via the contact form, Instagram DM or

It was a pleasure speaking with Faithlyn and if anyone else is following their passion in creating skin care products I would love a chance to speak with you. Here at, we love connecting with as many new players in the marketplace as possible. If you have an idea or you’ve already gotten things off the ground I’d love to chat with you.

Faith’s Naturals Skin Care From Boston Is Growing Locally
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