Facial Steamer

Have you ever heard of a facial steamer? It’s an item that people who care about their skin seem to purchase quite frequently today. I’ve searched high and low on the Internet in hopes of finding some information on facial steamers on the market today. I did this because many of our readers have sent in questions related to this device. They written in asking which is the best device to purchase? What’s the best for at-home treatments? While many people opt to do this themselves at their own home, it’s actually one of the most popular treatments that people opt for while visiting a spa. This procedure can be received at almost any day spa facility and it’s said to be a super healthy procedure for your skin.

It’s been said that using a facial steamer can help really cleanse your skin well and give it the deep cleaning that it may need. It can do much more than a basic  wash with soap and water can do. A facial steamer a few times per week sounds great and it is, but most people have a hard enough time getting to the spa once a week let alone multiple times per week.

Good news for you is that you can pick up on of these devices to use in the comfort of your own home. They are pretty simple to use, have plenty of benefits and they can often result in having better looking skin.

facial steamerUsing The Facial Steamer

Honestly, this device is about the easiest skin care device to use on the market. No matter what your budget might be, there are plenty of accommodations out there in terms of models. For example, if you’re the type that likes all the bells and whistles with everything you buy, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of devices that come with extra tools and accessories for you to enjoy. Some facial steamers come with what’s known as a special cleansing pad, dermabrasion sponge, and more. These help better cleanse the skin and remove any dead skin that may have built up over time. The cleansers and add-ons are definitely more effective than the typical facial cleanser.

The Controls

These facial steamers have simple control systems that make it a piece of caked to use. You’ll also find that most have a padded mask-like funnel that fits your face just perfectly.

Your job is quite simple. Fill the reservoir with water, turn it on and the water will begin to heat up. Most models come equipped with a trusty timer that allows you to set the steamer to do a quick steam job or a longer facial which can take up to 20 minutes should you opt for that. Some of them give you the ability to add essential oils to the water which can help improve your experience and further moisturize your skin.


Fight Acne Using A Facial Steamer

Do you breakout frequently with acne? If so, then you might want to consider using a facial steamer a couple of times each week. Too often, people stubbornly assume that the typical soap and water face washing procedure can do all that you need to get rid of whiteheads, blackheads and any other type of acne issues. The good news is that facial steamers can help treat these types of breakouts much better than traditional methods.

How does it work? I thought you’d never ask! 

As you skin becomes exposed to the steam that the machine creates, it begins to open up your pores and bring all that dirt to the surface. From there, the dirt then has a chance to be removed via washing in the followup procedure. Acne is often caused by clogged pores from excess oil residing in the pores. The facial steamer does its part by reducing the number of clogged pores. As essential oils are added such as lavender and tea tree oil, your skin adjusts that much quicker and heals even better. As a result, no more acne and less irritate skin.

How To Fight “Aging” With This Device

So many people head to spas for treatments on a daily basis. Some go to get facial treatments with steam However, you can achieve the same results in the comfort of your own home with an at-home facial steamer. This can and will help you look younger. Aging is something that we all have to deal with but those that put forth the effort to look younger often reap the rewards of such behavior.

As we get older, our skin cells don’t rejuvenate as quickly and the dead skin cells build up on our skin. Shedding those skin cells becomes a chore that’s hard to handle. This can make your skin look super dull and even grey-like at times.  l little face steaming action can help fight all these things and then some. It can help stimulate your skin and encourage cell reproduction, it can help better tighten your skin, and it can help improve skin circulation. Using steam tightens your skin and as a result you look younger, simple as that really.

How To Use It

Incorporating this into your regimen is quite easy. All you’ll need is a simple 10-15 minutes to allow the steam to penetrate your skin and open your pores up. All those toxins and impurities will find their way to the surface of your skin. As that happens, your skin will appear much younger and cleaner looking.

Soon as you’ve completed the steaming process, you can then use one of the accessories that comes with the steamer such as the exfoliating acessory to rid yourself of the dirt, oil and other bacteria that’s been residing in your pores. Some people even create their own fruit water mixture to do this.

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Using a facial steamer is a great idea, especially if you’re dealing with acne and really clogged pores. It can be a simple way to improve your daily skin care regimen in the comfort of your own home. While you’ll have to spend some money on the device, in the bigger picture, it could save you thousands in dermatologist visits and prescriptions. Give it a shot if you’re daring enough to try it. In the event that you’re worried feel free to ask your dermatologist about it before taking any action and buying one.

Facial Steamer
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