Do You Need A Facial Cleanser In The Morning?


There have been many celebrities bragging lately about not always washing their famous faces in the morning. So it has become very trendy to skip that morning cleansing routing. But if you are thinking that maybe they aren’t using the most scientifically sound skin care and beauty advice, you may be right. But do you really need to use a facial cleanser in the morning?

Celebrities like Kirsten Dunst, Alexa Chung and Kristen bell are telling people that they don’t wash their face in the morning. But the fact is, the skin will pick up lots of detritus. This comes from pillowcases and builds up throughout the night time. Also, people sweat during sleep, and the serums and skin care product treatments need a clean face to be able to easily absorb the nutrients from these products.

Kirsten Dunst Facial Cleanser
Kirsten Dunst does not use a facial cleanser in the morning

Going Without A Facial Cleanser In The Morning

So while you do not need the famous double cleansing in the morning the same way you might need at night when removing makeup. It is better to use skin care wipes on your face at night. But what should you use in the morning?

Lots of dermatologists are recommending having as many as three different cleansers ready at all times. You can use these to properly address your skin’s condition any time of any day. Because your maybe dry or oily skin does not change but its condition can greatly vary depending on many factors. These are the weather, travel, how much water you consume daily and stress levels.

If you are feeling dehydrated you will want to grab that emollient. If your face is oily, use a non drying gel or even a cleanser based on clay. Now, skin that is irritated demands a more mild concoction. Something with very few ingredients and more pure and natural.

Do You Need A Facial Cleanser In The Morning?
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