Face Washing Mistakes That You’re Probably Still Making


I can almost guarantee that you’re making mistakes when it comes to face washing. I make them and you make them. We all make them. I know it seems pretty straight forward but you need to trust me here. The reason all of this is so darn important is due to the fact that a miscalculated skin care routine literally destroy your skin. That said, before you start using great face washes, make sure that you are not making the following face washing mistakes.

face washing mistakes

Top Face Washing Mistakes You Can No Longer Make

Here are some of the most important face washing mistakes that you should not make.

Using The Wrong Formula

We all have very different skin from one to another. It should come as no surprise that formula is super important. Some formulas can disrupt the pH balance of your skin and it can cause a ton of problems. Anything from flaking to blemishes can occur and all due to the wrong formula being applied to your skin.

Using A Wash Cloth

You were always taught to use a wash cloth and not your hands when removing your makeup or cleansing your face. What you probably didn’t know was that damp cloths are filled with disgusting bacteria and can even be somewhat harmful for your skin. If by chance you do decide to go with a cloth then it’s advised that you use a wish cloth meant for a baby. It’s important that use put it through the laundry every single time.

Using Really Hot Water

Hot water does feel really nice on your skin but it’s not good on your skin. It has negative consequences on your natural oil and can lead to extra dry skin. You should be using lukewarm water instead of super hot water.

Using Face Wipes

Face wipes are super convenient but some try and substitute face wipes for typical face washing. The issue with using them is that they don’t properly remove make-up from your face. When you think you are taking away all that grime and gunk from your face, you’re not. Instead you’re doing your skin an injustice.

All of these reasons are plenty enough to want to wash your face properly.


Face Washing Mistakes That You’re Probably Still Making
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