Face Washing Mistakes That You’re Most Likely Making


There are certain things that we all do which unfortunately we do without even realizing it. When it comes to washing your face, mistakes are made daily by millions of people. Today I’m going to share some of the mistakes with you, and hopefully, in doing so, you’ll stop making them so often. Recognizing the mistakes is half the battle.

face washing mistakes

Simple Mistakes You Probably Make Washing Your Face

These mistakes are not listed in any specific order of ranking. They’re all very common mistakes that you need to be aware of so you don’t continue to make them.

Excessive Exfoliating

One of the main things that people do wrong when it comes to washing their face is putting too much work into doing it. Most of the time it comes down to exfoliating too frequently. Sure, you need to scrub your skin to remove dead cells from time to time.

Doing so can be really satisfying, but doing it too frequently can cause blood vessels to break. When this happens, your skin will become extra red and damaged. If you’re exfoliating more than twice a week, then you’re not helping your skin out at all.

Wrong Product Choice

Lots of people choose the wrong product to cleanse their skin. They typically head to the CVS, Walgreens, or Rite-aid and they pick up some random cleanser. The problem is that going with the “on-sale approach” and not taking into account the ingredients and effectiveness of the product, in general, can do more harm than good.

Not Washing Your Hands

I’m a huge germaphobe, so this is one mistake that I never make. However, lots of people do make the mistake of not washing their hands before washing their face. Think about it, your fingernails are generally filthy and contain tons of bacteria. Best to wash your hands and fingernails before you wash your face. Not doing so is a huge mistake!

Not Removing Makeup

Some people are lazy as can be and they don’t do the most crucial thing necessary, removing makeup! Product left on your face causes makeup residue to build up. This “caked on”¬†product is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to your skin, period. It’s like painting your house and not stripping the coat of paint off before doing so. Caked on makeup is terrible for your skin. So do your best to remove makeup every day¬†and do a good job of it before washing your face!

Excessively Hot Water

Hot water feels good, but it’s not great for your skin. You’ll want to be extra careful with your skin when washing and in order to do so, you’ll want to avoid steamy hot water. The excessively hot water can actually cause damage to your skin which can affect things long-term. The hotter the water, the great the chance of redness occurring due to capillaries bursting. Additionally, it can seriously disrupt your natural oil production. All of this causes breakouts.

Those mistakes are common, yet simple enough to control so plesae be sure to do so. Face washing mistakes can destroy your skin. Don’t let it happen to you. Are there any things that you do regularly when it comes to washing your face? If so, we’d love to know about them.

Face Washing Mistakes That You’re Most Likely Making
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