Face Cupping Trend Is Growing And Going Viral, But It’s Not Cheap!


Some celebrities in Hollywood, CA are turning to a new skin treatment that many haven’t got a clue about. It’s something called face cupping and it’s the latest anti aging trend to hit the market. Sure, we wrote about cupping during the Olympics in 2016 because Michael Phelps was treating his body with this method. However, no one at the time was doing this to their face! Many celebs are having their faces cupped and skin suctioning is taking over Hollywood.

Hollywood Face Cupping Trend Going Viral
Credit: Kim Kardashian Snapchat

What Is Face Cupping And Why Is It So Popular?

To give you a better idea of why people are doing this and just how popular and trendy it is, the infamous Kim Kardashian is already all over it. Granted, she has done a ton of crazy skin treatments, so we shouldn’t be too shocked to hear about this.

She posted a Snapchat showing some face cupping equipment while at Nurse Jamie. Now, Kim didn’t post an image after getting the treatment so we’re not exactly sure what her results were but we’re thinking they were probably positive. Nurse Jamie, also known as Jamie Sherrill, is a highly valued facialist to many of the stars today. She recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and gave some insight into the treatment. She said that the cupping basically drains your lymph nodes through the use of light suction. It’s said to be helpful in reducing signs of jowl sag and inflammation.

Supposedly, face cupping can help improve circulation in your face and it’s even somewhat relaxing for many patients. The kicker here is that the effects don’t last all that long. Most people see results for days and even just a few hours at times. These treatments are not cheap either. They cost a few hundred dollars if you want an hour long session.

Now for those that can’t afford to get face cupping treatments, I suggest sticking to the anti aging basics that we’ve all grown to love. You know, products like vitamin C serums and other types of miracle creams. They might be able to do the same thing for you if you’re consistent enough.

If you have the scoop on any new or strange trending skin care treatments, send them my way. I’ll do a full investigation on them and determine whether or not they actually work. Well, maybe not myself, but one of the trusty testers that we have in our office will put a product and treatment to the test any day! Send the information on over and we’re on it!

Face Cupping Trend Is Growing And Going Viral, But It’s Not Cheap!
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