Eyebrow Acne

I’ve got a confession to make. Lately, I’ve been dealing with eyebrow acne. My guess is that it has a lot to do with the weather, stress, my diet, and a lot more. Grooming and shaping your eyebrows can cause acne to occur as well.

As if grooming your eyebrows isn’t enough of a pain in the neck, acne in the same region can be a huge pain, even more so actually. Some people get their eyebrows waxed and trimmed on a weekly basis and that’s not much of an enjoyable experience. However, neither is dealing with post grooming issues that often occur.

Big red pimples show up in between those thick strands of hair and that’s when the real fun begins. Truth be told, eyebrow acne is pesky, annoying, and downright painful at times.

What you need here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you get rid of this awful form of acne. Let me start by sharing exactly what you can do to get rid of this acne.

But first, here’s why it happens…

eyebrow acne tips

Why Eyebrow Acne Pops Up

There’s one simple reason why this typically occurs. It’s the same reason why people develop conditions like razor burns and other types of trauma. It has everything to do with the way your skin reacts. Skin reactions combined with ingrown hairs often cause these eyebrow breakouts.

There are other things that cause eyebrow acne, such as cosmetic use. That’s right genius, they clog your pores. When you apply gels, pencils, and powders to your eyebrows, it can lead to the clogging of pores in the area. Most of the items that cause these issues are comedogenic. Switching to non-comedogenic and cleaning products such as brushes and whatever else you’re applying a product to your eyebrows with will do the trick.

Getting Your Eyebrows Done

Now, if you’re going to get your eyebrows done, then you’ve got to take action before doing so. What I mean by that is taking the appropriate precautions by preparing your face and eyebrows for trimming. The best way to prepare is to exfoliate your entire face including the eyebrow area. If you rather not exfoliate but you prefer to use a basic cleanser or toner, then so be it! Just be sure to do something! Doing these things helps reduce the chances of bacteria clogging your pores.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s always a chance that you can develop eyebrow acne after a treatment regardless of whether your skin is squeaky clean. Clogged pores can develop still. However, the chances are drastically reduced if you’re cleanser prior to treatment.

Post Eyebrow Appointment Treatment

After getting your eyebrows done, the most important thing that you need to remember doing is keeping your eyebrows clean and free from dirt as well as the buildup. The best way to keep your eyebrows acne-free after treatment is to keep your hands away from them. Assuming your hands are dirty, then that dirt and grime often easily transfer to your face.

The results: Breakouts.

If by chance you do start to break out after a treatment, be sure to apply some products and spot treat the area. Make sure the product you’re using contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Some people use sulfur as well.

Products To Consider Buying

If you’re looking for spot treatment products for your eyebrow acne, then you might want to start right here on skincare.net. We’ve covered dozens of products over the years, many of which are highly effective. Now, since some people need to try multiple products before they find the right treatment, I suggest that you consider checking out some of the products on Amazon.

One of the products that I came across was Humane Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Acne Treatment. This costs only $20 and literally has more than 2,300 reviews and a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. The product is not for sensitive skin so if you have issues or have had issues in the past, then be careful. Did I mention that it’s cruelty-free too and made in the USA? They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Some other products you might consider using are Proactiv and Neutralyze.

If you cannot afford any of the products mentioned above then you might want to try the AcneFree 3 Step 24-Hour Acne Treatment Kit. It’s beyond cheap at $13 and is ranked 4.1 out of 5.0. What’s not to love about that rating and price? With 1300+ reviews it seems good enough to try. As far as ingredients are concerned, this brand contains witch hazel and benzoyl peroxide (also used to treat jawline acne issues).

Eyebrow Acne Videos

There are lots of videos on the Internet which showcase some pretty gross footage of people popping eyebrow pimples and treating the acne issues.

The video posted above is about as gross as it gets but it gives you even more reason why you should take care of the skin in your eyebrow region.

Here’s another one for you…

The video below shows a patient getting a massive pimple popped on their eyebrow. It’s pretty disgusting and the perfect reason to always take care of your skin no matter where it’s located on your body.

Who Can Develop Eyebrow Acne?

Well, believe it or not, just about everyone can develop ance in the eyebrow region. Regardless of how old you are or your gender, you can development condition. It’s all about the condition of your skin and how you take care of it. For the most part, people that take care of their skin all the time don’t have to deal with this condition. It the folks that often slack on caring for their skin that end up having more issues than most.

Will It Go Away?

Based on what I know, if you don’t treat your acne, it’s going to take a lot longer to get rid of! Which is exactly why I suggest putting forth as much effort as possible to reduce the presence of acne in general. After all, it’s pretty disgusting and unattractive in general. Whatever you do, just take action to get rid of your acne at all times possible and you won’t have a problem.

Eyebrow Acne
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