Eye Cream vs Traditional Moisturizer – Who Wins?


Just like with any other skin care product out there, lots of people refuse to try new things. They get stuck in their stubborn ways and often times find themselves in quite the pickle. Believe it or not, the same thing happens when people aren’t open to using new skin care products. For example, some folks out there swear by traditional moisturizers and they use them all over, including in sensitive areas of their face. Now, others wouldn’t day do that and they only use eye cream on their face. The big question here is, which is best?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the skin around and under our eyes is quite different from the rest. Some people feel that it’s so different that it merits a unique product and one that’s entirely dedicated to fixing this one specific area. Other people feel that’s nothing but a bunch of bologna that no one should bother listening to.

eye cream vs moisturizer

Who’s Ultimately The Right Person Here? Eye Cream Or Moisturizer?

In my personal opinion, I think it truly depends on who you ask. See, people have different needs and wants. Some have larger beauty budgets than others. All that and then some plays quite the role in the decision making here.

While many frugal skin care consumers will have you think that moisturizer and eye cream are one in the same, I’m here to tell you that in my opinion, they’re definitely not! That holds especially true if you’re looking for something more customized or ingredient centric containing hemp. Take for example the latest release by Medical Grade Skin Care called Green. There is no way that a specially formulated hemp-infused under eye cream matches up with a regular moisturizer. They’re two totally different products which suit two separate needs and let me be clear – the hemp-infused product is far superior than the traditional moisturizer!

Here’s why you need an eye cream versus a traditional moisturizer. For starters, according to this article, on an average day, we blink close to 29,000 times. Those blinks are stressful on our skin and then tossing in the dirty fingers rubbing our eyes and touching our temples, it’s a recipe for disaster. All this action makes our bodies age much quicker than we’d like. Add in the typical impact that allergy season has on our eyes and you guessed it, we’re in trouble!

Now the main reason why you want to think about using an eye cream versus a traditional moisturizer is that the eye cream differs quite a bit in a number of ways. For example, the active ingredients are not the same. Traditionally, eye creams contain less retinol due to the sensitive skin around the eyes. They also almost have zero fragrance added to them because it causes further irritation.

You’ll also find that most eye creams incorporate the use of caffeine and they do so to help fix things quickly or in a jiffy. Moisturizers typically do not contain caffeine. Moisturizers are also typically more greasy than eye creams.

I guess my point is that you really are better off having both products in your arsenal versus trying to tackle two tasks with one product. If it’s meant to do something specific, let the product do it and reap the benefits of it. Given that both products are so affordable today, it only makes sense that you go out and buy one of each. Afterall, what is your youthful skin truly worth to you today?

Not sure which product to pick up? Don’t worry, we’ve done more research on eye creams and skin moisturizers than you can ever imagine. In fact, if I had to break it down in terms of hours spent researching it would be more like years, not days or months even. So, if you’re looking for the best water-based moisturizer, then read this article here and choose one that best suits your needs. Now, if you’re looking for a top-notch eye cream, then give this article a once over and choose a product that’s most appealing.

Whatever you do, please be sure to do something and take action whenever you can. The only thing that I can guarantee is that you’ll grow old very quickly if you do nothing at all, trust me on that one!

Need help deciding which is more important for you based on your personal needs? No problem! We’ve got you covered for sure. That’s what we’re here for. Simply send us a Tweet, Instagram, or email and we’ll help you in any way possible. Trust me, we rather have you reach out asking questions versus taking no action at all. That’s quite possibly the worst thing that you can do for your skin and good looks – don’t ever forget that!

Eye Cream vs Traditional Moisturizer – Who Wins?
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