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Today we’re showcasing another unique line of products that exist on the market. I’m referring to the Exuviance skin care product line. Many people have reached out to us looking for information and some have even been in search for a few Exuviance reviews. To those that have contacted us, we’re answering back today with this official brand review. If you’re looking for information on this brand, then I suggest you pay close attention. But first, here is some information on the product that you’ll need to know about.

The Exuviance products have been on the market for more than a decade. The company likes to create products that focus on naturally healing your skin and improving any aging issues that might exist. The number of products that you’ll find within this range is incredible. I’m not talking a dozen, but literally dozens of products. Whether you’re having issues and looking for solutions to use during the evening or if you’re looking for daily serums or sun care products, they have got you covered.

The parent company actually has other brands that they own and operate in the skin care space as well. Perhaps you’re familiar with NeoCeuticals, NeoStrata, CoverBend, or maybe NeoStrata Therapeutics. If so, then you already know who’s behind the Exuviance line. It’s the same exact parent company. You’ll find that all brands must either be administered by a doctor, acquired at a professional skin treatment center, or they are available at the local beauty store (in which case it’s available over the counter).

Exuviance Product ReviewsBackground Info On Exuviance

The manufacturer of the Exuviance products is none other than the NeoStrata company. This process and idea all started in an area known as Princeton, New Jersey. The company was started by two dermatologists, Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu. They started the company in search for a solution. They were doing research trying to uncover the many benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and this company idea came to fruition as a result. The two doctors did some research and determined that AHA’s played a significant role in stimulating collagen as well as elastin production.

Knowing how crucial both of those elements are to the scientific nature of your skin and how important it is for those looking to firm up their skin and essentially rejuvenate things, they took a closer look into it. Based on the many findings that they were able to discover, they filed patents which were directly related to the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids within the beauty industry. This, of course, gave them a strong position in the marketplace and the rest is history.

Speaking of history, back in 2011, NeoStrata decided to renew their supplier agreement with IGI Laboratories. As a result of the renewal, IGI has decided to accept the responsibility for creating and providing NeoStrata with products for all brands under their umbrella. They do this all as well as assuming the responsibility and risk of formulating and manufacturing the products. They do all of this based on the research and formulas that NeoStrata has provided IGI. The IGI Laboratories is an uber successful company that’s known for being a major player in manufacturing topical pharmaceuticals.

Details On The Exuviance Products

Under this brand, the company pretty much focuses on providing anti aging skin care products to consumers. The line consists of various types of products such as serums, face masks, makeup, toners, night moisturizers, day time moisturizers and more. They offer a range that targets many specific skin conditions as well.

The company has been pumping out products for years with some of the more popular products being the Vespera Bionic Serum, SkinRise Bionic Tonic, Collage Triple Boost Serum, and the Evening Restorative Complex. All of these products do different things to your skin and you can learn a lot about each of them by visiting their website.

Buying The Products

If you’re interested in shopping for some Exuviance products, you can do so in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of products displayed online. You can also find products at the retail outlets that they have set up. You might also find that many of the spa centers, dermatologist offices, and even plastic surgeons sell these products.

You can find the company products at just about anywhere locally that you can think of (within reason). I’m talking about pharmacies, spas, beauty shops, and more. However you decide to acquire these products, it’s crucial that you do so through an authorized retailer. Any other way is setting your self up for disappointment and a possible scam.

If you purchase products through the company, you’ll quickly notice that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on every product. In some cases, the number of products you’re allowed to purchase may be limited. This is so that you don’t attempt to purchase products at a discounted rate and resell them. The company expects all their consumers to use products with care and under the supervision of a dermatologist or doctor.

Shipping The Products

If you’re the type that likes to buy in bulk, then great to hear. You’ll benefit from doing so if you order from the official Exuviance site. Spending $75 or more will get you three free samples. If you spend $100, they will give you a free full-size product. Additionally, the company has a deal where they offer 20% off shipping for referring people. All orders under $75 will cost $7.95 to ship. You can pay more to have the products sent quicker. The choice is yours.

Third Party Reviews

You’ll find that most of the reviews for Exuviance products online are pretty positive. Just like any other skin care line, you’re always going to have those outliers that total bash a product. However, overall this line has a pretty positive reputation. Have a look for yourself and you’ll likely think the same.

Exuviance Reviews
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