Exposing Skin Care Myths!

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Everybody thinks that anti aging creams are what you want to use and to avoid make-up because it is bad for your skin. However, what if you find out that it is the opposite that is actually true?

Are you cautious about what you put on your skin? If so, that could be the reason that you believe all of the myths regarding skin care. But not everything that you read on the internet or in a beauty magazine is true. For instance, chocolate won’t harm your skin. Either will fried food. Although you might think it will, but it is just a skin care myth.

The Make-up Myth

Make-up isn’t exactly good for your skin, but it isn’t bad for it either. You don’t want to go to sleep with your make-up on. Nor do you want to cover yourself fully painted in red with a blush always. But you also don’t need to avoid make-up in order to keep your skin safe. The good quality make-up contains moisturizers, vitamins and different essential oils and is SPF. This will actually protect your skin from the strong rays of the sun. Always patch test first and remove your make up before going to bed. Cleanse and exfoliate like always and you will be just fine.

Makeup Application
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The Acne Myth

Teenagers and many young adults think that eating fried foods cause acne. Or that simply not eating these foods or chocolate will actually clear their existing acne. This isn’t true. Blemishes are for a large part hormonal. A severe case of acne that leads to blood clotting requires medical attention. But while diet is critical for skin care, it is really the lack of vitamin and mineral intake that you should be most worried about. Never mind the occasional indulgences. It won’t break you.

The Organic Myth

Nearly everything you eat is loaded with chemicals whether you like to think so or not. Lots of products are labelled natural or organic and you assume they are good for your skin. However, this is not always the case. Make sure to choose your food carefully, and be aware that the chemicals that are found in your typical beauty products are not always bad for your skin. Organic or natural is a marketing play and not a serious label. Assess each product you consume individually on its own merit and don’t just read the headline label and jump to conclusions good or bad. Get educated about ingredients and chemicals and you will be far better off for it.

The High SPF Myth

Sunscreen is never completely safe. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF factor that is at least 26 and apply it evenly all over your face and other exposed body parts. Using a higher SPF won’t help as the effective limit of sunscreen experiences diminishing returns once it crosses that high 20’s level. Most importantly just make sure to keeping applying the sunscreen every couple of hours when exposed to sunlight.

The Shaving Myth

Many women think that if they shave it will increase facial hair. Fact is, shaving doesn’t increase or decrease facial hair growth. It is a good way to get rid of facial hair because it is much cheaper than the alternatives. Although if you have the money, check out diode laser treatment. This is a more permanent solution. In reality, facial hair growth in women is caused by hormonal imbalances. Often this is due to drug abuse, thyroid or even menopause conditions.

Woman Shaving

The Scrubbing Myth

Many people believe that an extreme amount of scrubbing will automatically keep their skin healthy and blackhead free. This isn’t really true. Blackheads are caused by oil gland blockage. This is a result of too much dirt and grime on the face. Use proper hygiene and you should avoid blackheads altogether. Over scrubbing can decrease skin moisture to dangerous levels. Scrub daily but not multiple times a day.

The Facial Myth

It isn’t true that facials are the best thing for skin rejuvenation. In the case of acne affected skin, facials will actually aggravate acne. This is due to the excessive stimulation of the glands. It is preferred to go under supervision of a dermatologist who can customize a medical cleanup routine that will double as a treatment procedure.

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The Anti-Aging Myth

Creams will never work like injections. So don’t fool yourself. There is no cream that exists that will prevent wrinkles. But if you follow a proper skin care routine and have a good diet than you can delay the onset of the symptoms of aging like wrinkles. Creams won’t hurt but they aren’t going to be the miracle that you might think.

Exposing Skin Care Myths!
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