Exotic Ingredients Are Trending In The US Skin Care Market


It’s no secret that people want to have healthy looking skin. People spend a lot of money on their face today. They use multiple products in an effort to achieve the “most perfect” complexion possible. Some turn to products containing exotic ingredients to reach their goals. It should come as no surprise that the highest spending category in the US skin care category is the facial category. According to Mintel, approximately 60% of the skin care sales in 2014 came from products within this category.

That doesn’t surprise me given that so many people apply a laundry list of products to their face on a daily basis. Many regimens today require the application of premium products. As more premium products enter the market, the unique ingredients do as well.

exotic ingredients (cannabis skin care)

Will Exotic Ingredients Continue To Shift Consumers?

As time has progressed, so have the types of ingredients that manufacturers and product owners are incorporating into their formulas. Many brands today are beginning to incorporate exotic ingredients into their products. Consumers are not mad about any of this either. In fact, they seem to be willing to try just about anything to improve their skin.

Last month, many sources had stated that the hottest anti aging ingredient on the market is cannabis. It’s quite possible that this ingredient truly is the next big thing. However, there are other exotic ingredients that are being used to create incredible anti aging formulas.

If you study some of the labels of the latest products entering the market, you will notice that they contain bee venom, snail, gold, platinum, and more. Don’t be surprised to see many more exotic ingredients being used. As the market becomes more saturated, brands need to work that much harder to differentiate themselves from the rest of the players. Sure, those well-established with exponential good will don’t need to touch these ingredients, but some of them do.

We’ve published a few articles on the use of cannabis being incorporated in many products today. Heck, it’s become so popular that a product containing CBD was included in the swag bags at the Emmy’s.

People will likely try these products containing exotic ingredients but that’s not what’s important here. What really matters is what works and what doesn’t. Incorporating unique and exotic ingredients may help boost sales and shift consumer mindset. It could very well disrupt the industry in the short term. However, consumers are very “results driven” and if these exotic ingredients don’t yield the results desired, then they will eventually fade away.

The only thing that matters is achieving perfect looking skin. Sometimes all you need is to incorporate a proven product into your regimen, not caviar, cannabis, bee venom or kryptonite.

Exotic Ingredients Are Trending In The US Skin Care Market
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