Exercise And Acne

A lot of people ask us the same question over and over. Does exercise help acne? I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that exercise is fantastic for your mind, body, and soul. People spends hours in the gym and yoga studio trying to transform their bodies into something that looks like the cover of a magazine.

What most people also want to know is how exercise can help improve their skin complexion. Most people don’t realize that exercise can actually be quite beneficial for the entire human body, including the skin. Exercise can also help fight off acne breakouts that commonly occur.

If you suffer from typical moderate acne or you have constant breakouts due to hormones and more, exercise can help you fight that battle. In the event that you have the drive and motivation to add some exercise to your daily routine, you’ll have better-looking skin. Exercise can help you fight off acne better than most skin creams, serums, gels and even prescriptions.

exercise and acne

Exercise And Acne Fighting Techniques

Most people with bad acne typically avoid exercising because they think sweating and sitting in drenched wet clothing makes their skin worse. You and many others think that sweat makes your acne worse. You probably think that it makes your skin more oily.

Well, that’s completely incorrect. To tell you the truth, exercising doesn’t add any oil to your skin. I can’t explain how until you have a better understanding of how sweat glands and pores function. As simple as your skin seems, it’s actually a very complex engine.

Let me start by explaining the types of glands that exist within the layers of your skin. You got the sweat glands and the sebaceous glands. Each of these glands releases fluid onto the outer layer of your skin. The sebaceous glands are those that release oils. The oils prevent your skin from becoming too dry.

During a typical exercise routine, you will likely sweat. The fluid that gets released is done so by the sweat glands. The reason your body releases this fluid is to better regulate your body temperature. Think about it for a second. When you get hot, you sweat. The sweating is the process that helps keep your body cool.

Sebaceous glands don’t release more oil during exercise. Your sweat glands are already working hard to control that. That said, exercise will not make your skin more oily and the sweat may actually help unclog your pores. Sweat might clean your pores and as you know, skin pores filled with bacteria are what cause acne. If you find a way to clean out the pores, your chances of developing acne likely decrease.

Exercising And Understand The Process

It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you’ve opted in for. All that really matters is that you sweat. As sweat exits the pores and hits the surface of your skin, it can positively impact other areas of your skin. For example, it can unclog pores, help remove dead cells, loosen and remove makeup or product residue, and also simply remove excess oil from your skin.

Clean pores mean fewer blackheads and fewer whiteheads. It also means that your pores will likely appear smaller than they actually are.

Here’s something else that you probably didn’t know. Sweat does not contain bacteria! Shocker huh? Some folks think that exercising and sweating is going to result in an overabundance of germs and bacteria all over their face. Since sweat doesn’t contain bacteria, this cannot be true. So long as you properly wash your face immediately following your workout, it will not increase your chances of having acne breakouts.

Sure, some people’s skin does get a bit irritated from excess sweat but a little bit of cold water can do the trick to calm things down. It would be foolish to stop exercising for any reason at all, especially over some irritated skin. The point is that sweating does nothing bad for your skin and it doesn’t cause any acne to form.

Stress, Acne, and Exercise

Sure, clogged pores can cause bad acne, but so can stress. In fact, stress is probably one of the most common contributors of having a bad acne breakout. If you are totally stressed out and you suffer from acne, chances are that you aren’t working out. Did I hit the nail on the head there?

What you need to understand is that workouts are not stressful. The are actually stress reducers. Limiting your stress levels can do wonders for your skin. When you work out you release endorphins. These endorphins are the chemicals that make you feel happy and put you in a better mood. They are the same hormones that can eliminate stress. Endorphins have a way of fighting off hormones that cause acne as well.

If you think exercise alone is going to help you get rid of your acne then you’re wrong. It’s not going to be the only thing you need to do if you have acne. However, exercising will help you eliminate dead cells from your skin, unclog pores, improve blood flow and maybe even help you get six pack abs. Keep your skin, heart and body healthy by exercising daily.

Proper Workout Routine

A proper workout routine is really important. However, that’s not something that we can help you with. Don’t try and figure it out all by yourself either. That’s not going to help much. Before you begin to exercise, I want you to first get a strict workout routine approved by your doctor. In the event that you’ve never worked out or you’re not that in shape, I don’t want you

Before you begin to exercise, I want you to first get a strict workout routine approved by your doctor. In the event that you’ve never worked out or you’re not that in shape, I don’t want you overdoing it. Instead, it’s best to get a professional opinion from a licensed doctor or at a minimum a personal trainer.


Exercise And Acne
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