Elite Serum 2016 Packaging Photos Revealed


    Cosmeceutical maker SkinPro has always been known for avant-garde packaging. I have been a fan and regular user of a number of their products. Most recently the flagship Elite Serum Rx product. It was always well packaged. The box is pretty much the same quality of construction as an iPhone box. For a $50 cosmetic product, the packaging is definitely at the higher end of the range of what I see in this market.

    So when I got word that SkinPro was planning a brand new box, being the packaging nerd that I am, I had to see this thing. The box is sharp. It has a really nice wave design, which sort of subconsciously makes you think about the ripples that are wrinkles around the eyes. It is smart and I like it. The colors are really nice, web 2.0 vivid and bold. The medical grade message really gets across. It is a high end construction box will a unique airless syringe applicator inside. This should get anybody’s attention.

    New Retail Packaging and Display
    Elite Serum Rx new box & display leaked production photos

    What really excited me though about the new Elite Serum Rx box is the shot of the new retail display. From the white haired doc on the front panel to the 3 rows of boxes to sale, I really loved this. I haven’t seen anything this innovative since 5-Hour Energy’s counter display. Clearly any spa, salon, beauty store or even doctor’s office can easily display Elite Serum Rx for sale. I am already recommending it to my hair stylist and other businesses.

    SkinPro’s CEO Tim Schmidt tells me that the company is in transition to a direct sales model. He expects that displays start hitting US retail partners during Q2. He says, “It is a major initiative to put the right sales people in place but I am confident with my team and their proven execution in this area. During the next year we will be looking at attending several major trade shows, both here in the US and Internationally.”

    Elite Serum Rx rose in popularity because of its unique market position as the Argireline serum. This ingredient of course rose to fame when touted by Dr. Oz and compared favorably with Botox injections. The new packaging certainly drives home that medicinal image and branding. If it can really work anywhere as good as Botox it is a clear winner. I know that SkinPro has ties to Lipotec as the inventor of the Argireline peptide. It is a great story.

    After all, it is stories that sell products in the skin care industry. SkinPro tells great stories and this is why they have done so well in such a quick time. A company bootstrapped in 2009 on a few thousand dollar investment is now one of the largest online sellers of skin care and anti-aging products. It really is an incredible story and the new packaging, in particular the new display, is pretty groundbreaking as it should open plenty of new doors.

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    Elite Serum 2016 Packaging Photos Revealed
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